"Taboo:More than Just Friends"

Age rating: 17 and older
“TABOO” is ‘CSI’ meets ‘Girlfriends’ meets ‘The L Word’; a tale of murder, lies and passion inspired by true events set in a fictional coastal city.
Synopsis: "TABOO" takes an introspective behind-the-scenes look at the world of investigative TV crime reporting from the point of view of a woman of color; dealing with her own issues of sexuality in the midst of a violent serial killer preying on innocent women.
"TABOO" is loosely based on experiences from my career as a Photojournalist.
The story revolves around Investigative Crime News Reporter Jauntee Lightsey, a Gullah/Geechee (African-American), covering the news story of a serial killer who has been terrorizing the local communities for nearly two years; the elusive “Cursive Killer” has been leaving behind messages written in blood at the scene of his crimes. The perpetrator is a “power seeker” serial killer, motivated by having total control of his victims.
Jauntee is proud of her culture (descendants of formerly enslaved West Africans residing on the Sea Islands and Southeastern shores of the U.S. from Cape Fear, North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida-stretching 30 miles inland) and history (generations of self-determined entrepreneurs) but she is also deeply in love with Deidre.
While Jauntee has come to terms with her sexual orientation despite the cultural conflict it presents, Deidre, on the other hand, is not only uncomfortable with her orientation, but has issues embracing the Gullah/Geechee (African-American) culture and considers herself an American. The women are celebrities of sorts, daily entering the homes of locals; adding even more stress (real or imagined) and complications to Deidre’s fear of being “outed”.
Deidre is dating Edward Washington, an Architect working for a high-powered firm. When Edward proposes to Deidre and she accepts, it’s the last straw for Jauntee. In an attempt to ease the pain of her shattered relationship with her longtime girlfriend, Jauntee ventures out to an alternative nightclub. She runs into psychologist Kailah Devereuax, who she has previously interviewed for a news story on the psychological make-up of a serial killer. The two hit it off immediately.
As the body count continues to rise, the frustrated multi-department police task force brings in the F.B.I. to help them track down the elusive killer.
Deidre is at her wits end. She is distraught and angry that her former best friend, roommate and lover is involved with another woman. Adding insult to injury is her seeing them in public and having to pretend that it isn’t tearing her apart. This painful situation forces Deidre to make a decision. Does she want to please others more than she wants to please herself?
Meanwhile, Jauntee and her News Photographer, Shelli Green, are closely following behind officers chasing after the suspect when they accidently stumble upon the killer.

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