Almost Evil

Creator: Daniel Trudeau
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
Paul is an exec living in the shadow of successful men until one day when he discovers his colleague is the Devil. He has an offer for Paul: take over Hell and become the big shot. Things go sour and before long, he's racing to save the girl he loves and all of creation.
Synopsis: Paul is an ad exec living a meaning-free existence in New York City. He gets no respect at work, has no social life, and even his mother expects nothing from him. One day, in Central Park, he's approached by a colleague who reveals he is in fact the Devil. He's approaching Paul because he's tired of his job and wants to give it to him. It turns out he's the sixth person to hold the position of Satan and he's decided to return to life on Earth. Though he says no at first, Paul realizes he has a real opportunity to be someone and decides to accept.

After a mix up after arriving in Hell that almost gets him stuck in a torture pit, Paul gets in for the first day of his new job. Unfortunately, he finds it doesn't bring him much more respect. The Devil hasn't done much in a long time and the affairs of the Hell are mostly handled by his assistants: Hades (the Greek god) and Lilith (Adam's first wife). Hades was the original Lord of the Underworld and resents his current post as a bean counter. Lilith is a type-A taskmaster and the reason the entire operation has held together for so long. Neither are happy Paul's their new boss. The only one giving him any empathy is Gorok, an ancient man sent there for inventing war. Gorok has been in Hell for so long he's gotten used to it, even the torture. He helps Paul understand the ropes.

As he gets into his routine, Paul starts to develop feelings for Lilith and manages to lure her into a dinner date up in NYC by playing it up as a business meeting. He leaves Hades in charge while they're out. Lilith discovers the true meaning of the dinner and to Paul's surprise, decides to carry on with it. They have a great time hitting the town, not knowing what's happening below.

They return to find Hades has won over the loyalty of the demons and secured his old position as the ruler of Hell. He did this by allowing them free reign, including going up to Earth to spread chaos. Lilith reminds him this could set off the Armageddon but Hades doesn't care. Instead of stopping him, Paul chickens out and is locked in his office while Lilith is sent to the lower pits.

Once locked away, Paul finds Gorok, who was hiding under his desk. Gorok convinces Paul to grow a spine and figure out a way to take back his job and save Lilith. As the Devil can't go to heaven, he suggests Paul go to Purgatory (where you go if you're not all good, but not all bad either) to ask for aid, then helps Paul escape. Now free, Paul heads back to Earth to see what he can do.

Up on Earth, the demons are indeed creating mass chaos. Paul tracks down a priest who is pumped up from finally getting to go toe to toe with the forces of evil. He isn't much help in getting to Purgatory though and Paul finds himself in Limbo instead (the place for lost souls). There, he runs into Lou, a vain man who gives him attitude but eventually points out the way to Purgatory.

In Purgatory, St. Bartholomew is not having a good millennia. He was one of the Apostles but no one remembers him and he's spending all of eternity checking souls in. When Paul gets there, he's in the middle of dealing with a con man trying to lie his way out of Hell. Once Paul proves he's the Devil, the archangel Michael comes down to greet him. Michael can't help him directly but gives Paul the advice to win back the demons. If he does that, Hades will have no power. Though Paul really wanted a flaming sword, he thanks Michael for the advice and returns to Hell.

Once down there, he finds and frees Gorok. The two of them find Hades on the main floor, assembling an army to war with Heaven. Lilith is there as well, chained to his chariot. Paul manages to fight his way past Hades' main guard and tells the demons Hades has them steered towards destruction while he can help them build a better existence in Hell. To give him credence, Michael arrives, letting everyone know that they're about to enter a fight they're destined to lose. The demons lose heart and throw in with Paul. Hades is furious but his temper tantrum is cut short by Lilith's right hook.

Now willing to take true responsibility, Paul is given a bit of good news. Lou, from Limbo arrives and reveals he's Lucifer, the original Satan and he wants his old job back. This frees Paul to return to a normal life on Earth. He asks to take Lilith and Gorok with him, though Gorok turns him down as he's been in Hell so long it's his home. Plus, he can't wait to screw with Lucifer again.

Back on Earth, Paul and Lilith start a business consulting company and though it keeps them busy, they find time ever day to have a quiet lunch in the park together. Down in Hell, Lucifer is getting everything running again while Gorok has the time of his life making him angry. Everything is as it should be.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Daniel's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is a "big concept" comedy which at heart is about a guy getting the confidence to become a better man than he thought possible. It's also a riff on the classic Roman Catholic concept of the afterlife (with Hell, Purgatory, Limbo, etc).