Bart Mart

Creator: Eric Lawson
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
Randy and Kyle are on a mission to have fun. Sometimes their day job at a local mom and pop grocery store makes things interesting. Sometimes the customers aren't jerks, either.
Synopsis: All sales are final at Bart Mart. Or at least they should be. There's a story in every aisle and usually a sarcastic know-it-all providing the punchline. We root for the employees because they are us. We relate to the customers because they are us on a bad day. We don't want to agree with the managers but we do. We want to be Kyle and Randy because they do and say the things that we could never get away with. And they always have fun doing it.

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  • Storyboard 4 - I Swear It's Not A Cartoon
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    Creative Notes:
    The continuing adventures of the wack-a-doodle grocery schlubs who are dense, aloof, and super snarky with anyone and everyone. And yes, all sales are final.
  • Storyboard 3 - The Unemployables
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    Creative Notes:
    Less filler. More killer snark.
  • Storyboard 2 - More Nifty Storyboards
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    Creative Notes:
    There are a couple more scenes added at the end but the primary focus of this update was to show more emotion via the characters and to test out some different camera placement ideas. Get your laugh on, everyone. Thanks for reading!
  • Storyboard 1 - "Everybody's Gotta Eat"
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    Creative Notes:
    These storyboards of 'Bart Mart' represent the writer's view into the first few scenes of the pilot. By giving the characters illustrated expressions and actions, I hope to draw the reader and future viewer into a rough approximation of what the series might look like. This is a fantastic tool that I hope to see more filmmakers put to great use.