Colonel S.S. aka The Winter Lion

Age rating: 17 and older
A man runs towards 25 lions at the end of the movie. 1945. Kenya. A Lioness terrorizes a remote African village rich with a diamond mine as well as fertile coffee plants. The man uses guns, knives, swors and barges through the attacking pride. Then blasts himself for revenge
Synopsis: A lioness terrorizes an African village.The year is 1945.Many people in the village get killed because of the attacks of lioness.

The villagers decide to hire a professional hunter on a higher salary to get rid of the lioness.The professional hunter an American is hired who comes to the village with his entire family mother,father,wife,sons and daughters and prepares to face the lioness.The lioness attacks the village again and is killed by the hunter in a gruelling encounter.Things remain calm and sound in the village for a few months.After a few months the village is attacked by a set of 15 lions this time containing the husband of the lioness and the lions acquaint themselves with the hunter.The hunter attempts to drive away the lions by the use of lots of fire with help from villagers and attempts to shoot the lions but it was a failed encounter and lions successfully manage to escape.

After a few days the village is again attacked this time by the entire clan of the lion's family and his lion friends.The hunter was away from the village nearby for some govt formalities and so they attack his house and kill every family member including his mother,father,wife,daughter,son and snatched them away in the jungle with no trace of them and with their blood scattered everywhere.The hunter arrives and is shattered to see his entire family slaughtered and becomes grief-striken as he did not even get the bodies of his family members.The villagers console him.He becomes depressed as not in the state to fight temporarily.

It was clearly evident the lions are now after the hunter.The hunter now becomes the hunted.The villagers decided to build a steel cage to protect the hunter until more professional hunters arrived as now more hunters were needed.The hunter is now put up in a steel cage despite his hesitation in the village area nearby and the set of 15 lions attack the village once again and throng on the steel cage to rip off the hunter and their failure to do so led them to create more havoc in the village as the kill another 7 families.The rest of the villagers are now pressurized to persuade the hunter to go away from the village.The hunter on seeing the havoc in the village vows to avenge the murder of his family and the killed villagers againts those 15 lions and assures protection forever to the rest of the villagers.

He calls his american friend who is a dynamite expert and calls him to come to the African village with some dynamites with complete formalities and assures him the payment from his salary that will come from the village.His dynamite friend arrives with dynamites.He tells the villagers that tommorrow is his last day and he will kill all the lions and his salary be paid to his dynamite friend and village will be free of all lions.No one his aware of his plans or what he is going to do.The previous night he ties dyanmite all over his body and waits for the sunrise.In the early morning he runs towards the open field with dynamite all over his body and runs towards the 15 lions with his gun loaded with bullets in his hand.All 15 lions seeing him run towards him and he gives a great fight to all the 15 lions killing a few who want to rip him off and allows all of them to come closer to him.As all 15 lions comes closer and closer to him and begin to rip him off he presses the explosive button and the dynamite explodes killing himself and all the 15 lions.The village is now free of all lions.

It was a good death !!!

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