The Ark

Creator: Eric Walton
Age rating: 13 and older
An anthropologist races to find out the purpose of an alien invasion!
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Essentially, “The Ark” is “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” meets “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

It kicks off when washed-up anthropologist Paul Trainer gets a package from life-long friend and colleague, Harry Mead--the same day Harry’s ship mysteriously sinks in the Sea of Japan. Going through its contents, he learns that Harry discovered a space craft hidden deep within a cave, one of several crafts scattered across the globe. He was in the process of trying to interpret symbols he found in the cave when he began to suspect he was in danger. Believing there’s a connection between the craft, and the recent disappearances of several scientists, Harry wants Paul to pick up where he left off and find out why the aliens are here.

This is the adventure Paul has been waiting for and he hops at the chance. He includes friend, and UFO buff, Burt Callahan, and they’re eventually joined by Saul Conrad, an FBI agent with a secret link to the aliens. Paul is eventually able to work out the meaning of the symbols, which function as a language, and puts the group on a collision course with the aliens. Along the way: they discover how to penetrate the invisibility technology the aliens have used to hide, they’re chased by space ships, and encounter a group of people who were abducted centuries ago! But just when Paul thinks he’s figured things out, he learns that there’s a bigger picture, involving a major global catastrophe that’s yet to happen, and that the aliens aren’t what, or who, they appear to be.

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