Unholy Stalker

Creator: William Thomas
Age rating: 13 and older
After the death of a man's son, he takes on a new identity to stop the army of hell from taking over the world.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: MARQUIS MALONE is a single man with a son. One night at JUNIOR's basketball game the boy is shot and killed. Marquis Malone blames the CREATOR for his son death and an ANGEL appears. The Angel tells Marquis he will be tested by the Creator to see if he can be the new champion that has to save the world.

Twelve SCIENTIST studying early tribes on a tropical island unleash twelve demons who take over their bodies. Now the DARK LORD will have the twelve DEMON SCIENTIST bring demon kind into the 21 century using humankind’s technology. They will create weapons and human clones for the demon army to walk the earth no longer needing to use human flesh.

After pasting the test Marquis Malone/Black Ghost will be trained in the Buddha ninja spiritual fighting techniques. He'll team up with the ARCHANGEL to travel the world and hell trying to stop the Dark Lord's evil plans.

Marquis Malone/Black Ghost soon finds out that stopping the Dark Lord will be the biggest challenge he has every faced as the ARMY OF HELL, the seven DEMON GENERALS and the TWINS stands in his way. Marquis Malone/Black Ghost will put his life on the line to help all of humankind.

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