Million Dollar Challenge

Creator: Hayward Ellison
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 13 and older
A sports writer who always avoided confrontation, just upset the most dominating boxer in World. Out of frustration he verbally insults and writes an article that enrages the champ! Refusing to let this go the champ offers a 1,000,000 challenge for an exhibition.
Synopsis: As a youth Carrie Cunningham was bullied and picked on. Once he graduated highschool he went to college and never returned to the little neighborhood from which he grew up. As an adult, he avoids confrontations and is considered by many people to be a wimp, soft. He's just a local sports writer at a small newpaper company trying to make a good impression on his Jewish boss Mr. Wildstein. Until one day he's forced to attend a boxing match and out of fustration, his mouth and an article he writes gets him into a world of trouble. He's thrown into super stardom and potentially fortune when he unfortunately makes the most well known, the most arrogant, flamboint, most feared boxer in the world upset with him. The champ wants to close Carrie's mouth perminantly and offers him a once in a life time challenge. "You fight me, big mouth!" If he accepts this opportunity from The Welter Weight Champion Sugar Foot Michael Jenkins. The champ will give him $1,000,000 win, lose, or draw. He must decide if fighting the champ is worth a million dollars or is his health more important. Carrie's a big white guy but he's soft (250lbs) vs. The Champ Sugar Foot (150lbs) with Floyd Mayweather skills. Maybe Carrie can take him, never know.

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