Rail Brothers

Creator: J.S. Pinkerton
Age rating: Everyone
In this coming of age family drama two teenage boys from opposite sides of the track form an unlikely bond while riding freight trains in Jim Crow South.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Rural America, 1968, Andy is a misfit, he spends his days escaping the reality his mother died, and his father doesn't support his eccentric interests. When his father decides he needs molding at a reform school in California, Andy skips town on the first outbound freight train. His first encounter is with Zeke, a shy African-American and somewhat seasoned hobo apprentice. Zeke uses an alternate identity to ward off other travelers and hide from his checkered past. Together they delve deep into America's heartland, through shared interests in adventure, music, and running. But, as Zeke's past catches up, the boys must find a way out of Jim Crow South, before Zeke is captured by a various assortment of bounty hunters disguised as railroad workers, hobos, and miscreants. Rail Brothers explores themes of honor, loyalty, integrity and friendship during a time in American history that is virtually extinct, when trains and railroads were a major part of the American experience.

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