The film "Another Reality"

Creator: Paul
Age rating: Everyone
Documentary drama with elements of comedy and mysticism!
I'm sure many have heard and know that on earth there are mysterious and abnormal places in which there are different events and every place affects a person in many ways!
Synopsis: It! - Self-confident girl (heroine name Madina)
Madina achieves all at once.
But it is surrounded by some losers, psychopaths and schizophrenics.
Madina, a real "Supreme", lives in the farmhouse, and in this house there are many other people, it is all of them gathered as subordinated to him to do great things!
There is one girl who can rightly be better than the "supreme"
Only her another 10 years!
Sonia - this little girl in all of this great "team"
She's still very young schoolgirl studying in the fourth grade.
The only thing that is alarming! - She does not remember his past and live the present and thinking about the future. This hero precocious, it seems that this is a grown man in a little disguise.
Little girl Sonya recorded video material, and told a strange story.
In Russia, namely in the Omsk region is anomalous place where will enter and become a different person ...
Believe it or not - is up to you!
And Madina by nature "Supreme", what is the name and the fact that its a hobby - it's magic, Madina, is psychic.
In the story there is no mysticism and other evil spirits, there is only characters, events, memories and tragedy, a common tragedy that touched every inhabitant of the house.
Madina feel the pain of every innocent and tries to help overcome the problem and move on.
But the main problem - a local catacombs in the village of Upper Karbushev, Omsk region.
The fact that the village is a legend who will go down in the abandoned catacombs, become a different person.

Latest Work

  • Video 2 - "Another Reality" Episode 1
    Creative Notes:
    Before us the story about inexplicable and improbable...
    On the ground there is an abnormal seat where you will enter and already never will become former....

All Work

  • Video 1 - Teaser for the film
    Creative Notes:
    Novice actors Siberia, fully retell the event and introduced the audience to a smooth "resonance" events, after which "really" believe in what is happening.
    Our team specifically developed such a project, since today "fashionable" - the supernatural, otherworldly and mystical!