Nowadays the planet is getting worse with everyday and a group of 6 kids (about 20y old) decide to use their superpowers to fight for the future of the planet and humanity. The kids fight against every other country and their army with a goal of uniting the whole planet.
Synopsis: "I apologize the Synopsis is big but be shure the reading is worth it"

The movie begins with a group of 6 "special"kids who train their powers to protect each other from future enemies (they have the idea that if they have superpowers, there could be more kids will powers who could be their enemies). Years go passing by, the kids grow older and they master their powers,realizing that they dont know how to use them.

When they were young,an unknown enemy with a black cloak traps one of the girls and kills her. Ironicly it was the girlfriend of the main character. In one of the trainings the main character ( for example Tom ) unlocks a rare symbol in his eyes that gives him the power to see in the future.When he unlocks it he stays still for about a minute without even breathing.Noone knows what happend. The symbol is so strong, that if he uses it properly, he could see the end of the universe.

Tom is the strongest and his power is with a soul of an old and heavy breathing angel.The rest of the kids have souls of an phoenix,eagle and etc.Tom likes to explore new worlds and dimentios of space and time ( has this power ) so he has seen a lot of things, fought with lots of different enemies and made rare and unordinary friendships. Tom knows the god of Heaven( white queen),the God of Hell (black dragon) and the God of The Sun-Rha. In the past they told him if he needs any help they will join the fight only if the war is big and important enough. Another reason is because there is peace in their worlds and there are no wars but the armies are trained for the fight of their lives and they want the thrill of war.

One day Tom gives the idea to his teamates of fighting for their planet and uniting it, because the destruction has gone too far.In a huge meeting with every president on the planet Earth, the 5 left powerful teenagers offer for an union with every country in it , if someone do NOT accept, he must fight with them. In return if the armies win,they can use their blood,skin and bodies for examination and use them however they like. Not a single country accepts the union and the war is on.

Days before the Day of War, Tom calls someone on the phone saying " I need your help " . Seconds later someone shows out of nowhere and gets out of a blue box. Yes its him, the Doctor! ( crossed fingers for Matt Smith). He needs him to unlock his(tom) DNA so it can consume more power when gods come to help him and give him power. The Doctor says "OK but u must show me your limits". In an ilusion Tom is standing in the air in front of the Doctor shining in armor and sharp but powerful wings. The Doctor helps Tom with his DNA and he is ready to fight.

Day of War,the fight is set in Sahara desert ( away from the innocent people ). Countries are using their armies,bombs and missiles,realizing that they are useless against the superpowers of their enemies. Tom has got the powers of his 4 left teamates in him (got with a ritual) and he uses them rationally.Teamates are behind him in a circle while he is infront controlling the battle.In the middle of the war Tom is getting tired and calls for help from God of Heaven and God of Hell.They join with their spirits ( because they cant let their worlds unprotected) and with armies - dragons and angels.Tom is up in the air while Gods(spirits) have their hands around him giving him power. The fight is close to its end when an Angel tells Tom "someone is looking at us ". Using his powerful eyes he sees the enemies trough their invisible cloak and sees that the enemy are the Visitors (from TV series). He cant risk losing this fight so he calls God Rha.He too joins with a spirit and gives him ultimate "golden yellow" armor but no army next to him.God of Heaven sees the ultimate strenght in Tom so she gives him a second set of wings, making him an ultimate Archangel.Realizing,that he will make a lot of damage to the planet fighting with the Visitors, he teleports himself into the mothership so he can call back every enemy ship. Using a lot of power he teleports himself and the Visitors on their home planet giving them advantage... or maybe not !!!

There is an epic battle on their planet but the Archangel doesn't give up. He is going to the main lair to find the queen and kill her. It is all good until the queen uses her Giant monster that is thousand times bigger than the Archangel. For Tom this means 2 options: using a lot of time and energy or calling the "big guns". He sends angels to the Gods with an explanation that if the top 3 armies are on the same battlefield on the same side, there is noone left to attack them. This way there are 3 gods against the giant monster. After killing the Giant in an epic fight, Tom finds the queen with a black cloak hiding in her lair. The same cloak that killed his first love. Tom gets angry as hell and wants to avenge her death.

The Doctor is far far away from the battle but The Tardis helps him see what is going on.

Everyone leaves the battlefield and goes out of space.Armies, surround the Shining from power Archangel, so he can concentrate his power to destroy the planet with some simple but powerful movements of his hands.... the battle is not over. Queen dies on her planet with her army, but her mother is still alive. She was waiting out of space in her ship with her army looking at the battle. Tom is exhausted and he needs a moment to get back on his feet. Yes but the armies are a bit tired too,so Tom sends a spirit of himself to the Templar of Aion( game ) to help with their powerful army in this Universal fight.After a big fight Visitors are defeated and everything left from them is gone, but War is not over! The doctor may be far away but his enemies have sensed him staying still,doing nothing.They trap his Tardis so he cant escape. Lots of The Doctor's enemies are around him wanting to kill him. His only chance is Tom.Tom has problems concentrating his powers to join the fight and defend his friend, when out of nowhere comes a pink feather. There is noone on the battlefield in pink and he tries to find the meaning of it. when he gets it in his hand,it reminds him of his beloved girl and he sees a memory when she for no reason teleported a pink feather but they didnt ever find it. This gives him strenght to stand up and fight next to his friends. Not only this but the power is so big that makes him even bigger and even stronger than ever.Wings and armor get cooler and bigger. Tom is on the edge of his limits but nothing could stop him now. He gives strenght to everyone on his side and joins epicly the fight.
After Tom going to his limits of power, the camera goes to his eye showing the symbol, after this is goes back but then Tom is a kid and it is the same day when he unlocked that power. ( now you know what did he see and why did he stay still for a minute ).

The movie ends with a chat between Tom and the Doctor.
Tom gives the Doctor a little envelope. Inside it is a card with some code (example-B3-B6).
The Doctor goes to a hidden and locked room in the Tardis. Inside it is a table with a chess board.The code means a movement.After moving for Tom's move, the Doctor sees that he has lost the game from the Archangel with the unstoppable symbol in his eye.


P.S. I want to apologize if i have any mistakes, but my english is not perfect. ( I am not english or american)

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    The movie is about "special" people who protect the planet Earth from aliens "the visitors". 95% of the movie is impossible. The other 5% are the people in it :D The story is very interesting and it is worth reading it. The main idea of the movie is to have everything in one place. People,Superpowers, Gods,Love, Defending the Earth and etc.... a lot like Avengers but in another look and characters
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    This an idea which i hope could happend in future ( not literally with the Sci-fi ) that in my opinion will make huge progress in every part of the planet. I hope that people will read the underline message that they must fight for their goals and dont give up when there are trammels on their way. I know that 80% of the idea is impossible to happend but I think it is an unique idea for a movie.

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