The Celsius Effect

Creator: Jared N Isham
Age rating: Everyone
A timid businessman is held captive and beaten for information, but when his fight for freedom succeeds he discovers it was all an act in order to expose him for who he really is.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Conner wakes up in an unfamiliar place, bound and being beaten for information. As he attempts to figure out where he is and why is being held hostage he pulls information from his fellow hostage only to watch him get shot by the psychotic woman that has kidnapped him.

When the opportunity presents itself Conner breaks free and turns the tables on his captor, but when he is about to walk to his freedom he discovers that he is wanted by the cops for murder and believed to be teamed up with his captor. After founding his escape route he discovers that the entire room is full of evidence pinning him to a murder and that he was part of an elaborate con to get him to confess to the crimes he was accused of.

Conner's discovery is too late when his final card is played and he realizes the full extent of the con, that every element he believed to be real was all put on and played out in a way to prove his guilt for what he had done. Conner experiences what is called "The Celsius Effect".

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