The green valley

Creator: Fredrik Payedar
Age rating: Everyone
Many companies are currently trying to resurrect extinct animals from the ice age and other time periods. This movie is about a russian company that tries to create a park for such animals in a artificially created lush valley in the Arizona desert.
Synopsis: A large green valley in the middle of the Arizona desert can be seen on google earth. People speculate on what it is and why it has appeared. A group of college students plan to go there and find out.

It turns out that the russian company Gennaya inzhenernaya has created a park for extinct animals like sabretooth cats, terrorbirds and other. The company has before opening gone out of business and simply abandoned the animals there.

Due to a sandstorm the airplane carrying the expedition crashes and the kids now have to make it through the park in order to survive...
(please see the story board, it contains the full movie idea presented in a movie like way)

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