Dead Rock

Creators: Lee, scott hume
Genre: Horror
Age rating: Everyone
Astronauts crash land on Earth and find it inhabited by the un-dead.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Geologists working in another galaxy have unwittingly sent contaminated rock samples back to the United States. Unaware that a global catastrophe has occurred, the crew of the U5697 Space Transport has embarked on a fatal journey that will plunge themselves and their passengers into an un-dead hell on Earth. After colliding with a derelict transporter at the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, they crash land on the plains of Minnesota. Where, through radio silence, old news reports, and a horde of zombies at the crash site, the crew learns the facts about the infestation that has spread throughout the entire planet. Realizing that the only way to survive is to go back the way they came, they embark on a journey of 30 grueling miles to try to reach the last known space transport on Earth. In a series of events that take them through rural communities, no longer peaceful and serene, and to a city where even the local children’s theater is a hazard to be avoided – the astronauts find the most difficult part of the journey is ahead of them at the space facility, where the insurmountable odds against them can only be matched with heart, ingenuity, and a big damn laser cannon.

Latest Work

  • Script 3 - Lee's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Cut out some things and tweaked some dialogue, so the ending made more sense.

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