Calvin and Jeremiah

Creator: Kim Stewart
Age rating: Everyone
Two slacker pigeons, one driven by love and the other by obsession for the legendary Super Cheez Pretzel, endanger their flock when they provoke their human enemy to full-out pigeon eradication.
Synopsis: Calvin and Jeremiah are your typical teenagers. Bored all the time, having conversations about stupid things, and laughing at their own personal in-jokes. They're right on the cusp of maturity and think the mall is banal. Except, unlike the typical teenagers, Calvin and Jeremiah have no choice but to hang out at the mall, since they're pigeons. And their flock lives in the mall courtyard.

Calvin is an awkward teenage pigeon who just happens to be the son of the current and beloved flock leader and the late, great pigeon daredevil legend, Edward Columbidae. You might say Calvin has a bit of a complex, since he has a lot to live up to fails at pretty much everything he attempts. Because of this fatalist attitude, all he does is hang out with his friend Jeremiah. If there's such a thing as a pigeon stoner, Jeremiah would be it. All he wants out of life is to play his favorite game "Poop on the Humans" and search for his personal Holy Grail, the Super Cheez Pretzel.

Being essentially pigeon slackers, Calvin and Jeremiah don't endear themselves to the rest of the flock and for the most part, they don't care. Until Joy, a beautiful dove, joins the flock and Calvin develops a major crush on her. He wants to impress her and Jeremiah, who is motivated by his desire to find that elusive Super Cheez Pretzel, convinces Calvin that the best course of action is to get Joy a present from inside the mall.

Going into the mall is the cardinal sin of the mall flock since their biggest enemy is Mr. Harrison. He's head of mall security and he hates pigeons with a fiery passion. He thinks the pigeons are organized since they always poop on his car (when, really, it's only Jeremiah). Harrison been angling for a bigger budget to exterminate the vermin, but has been unsuccessful.

But Calvin is fuelled by desire and Jeremiah by pretzel obsession, so they go into the mall. And it all goes to hell. Jeremiah chases a girl holding a pretzel and the humans think the pigeons are attacking. Thus Harrison is awarded a bigger budget, three hawks with a penchant for performing Shakespeare are released and the flock finds their very existence threatened. And they blame Calvin and Jeremiah.

Calvin and Jeremiah come up with a cunning plan to rid the flock of the pigeons, but being Calvin and Jeremiah, the plan ends terribly. Calvin's mother is injured, Joy is captured, and the flock is forced to flee to a nearby park for sanctuary from the murderous hawks.

Now wracked with guilt, Calvin tries to keep his head down and help the flock rebuild, but discovers that his rival for Joy's affections has betrayed the flock. Calvin is forced to become a leader when the flock is at its lowest point. Using fight tactics he learned from a kooky old lady slash former WWII fighter pilot and Jeremiah's patented poo countermeasures, Calvin leads the flock in an all-out attack against the hawks. The hawks are defeated, the mall is reclaimed by the flock, and Calvin rescues Joy.

Calvin and Jeremiah is at its core a coming-of-age story about overcoming your own shortcomings to become the person you are meant to be. It doesn't matter is Calvin is human or not, since everyone has been there: awkward, insecure, and always doing and saying the wrong thing.

Let's face it: the only thing worse than being a teenager is being a teenage pigeon, since it's revolting on two levels. And if there's one bird to overcome that, it's our hero Calvin.

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