Creator: Diane Namm
Age rating: Everyone
Two tween-age boys, mortal enemies, forced to share a bedroom when their dating parents move in together, declare a prank war on each other and their folks in order to prevent a family merger.
Synopsis: Two masters of prank, Dash Collins (the cool one) and Graham Cooper (the Brainiac) are mortal enemies, rivals for the same dance date, Stephanie D’ Marco -- and soon to be step-brothers. When their parents move in together and the boys have to share a room, they decide to break up their parents’ impending marriage. (The Parent Trap in reverse.)

Synopsis: Dash and Graham each stage minor pranks in the hope of sinking their parents’ relationship, but their individual efforts to get each other in trouble don’t do the job: not the fake spiders, rubber cement toothpaste, powder-filled blow dryer, or anything else.

So they declare a truce long enough to plot their strategy together: they’ll sabotage the upcoming engagement party, force their parents to break up, and then they can go back to their separate rooms and lives.

Fortunately -- it works! The engagement party’s a total disaster. The desserts are spiked with hot mustard, the punch with soap. They substitute live garden snails for escargot -- they rig the sprinklers to go off -- and the piece de resistance -- with the unsuspecting help of Graham’s little sister, they stage an animal invasion from the “pet wedding” at the Pet Psychic’s next door. The parents blame each other for the boys’ behavior. They break up. Dash and his dad move out.

Only problem is -- now Dash and Graham are paired at school and under the gun to come up with a winning Science Olympics project. And Jimmy D. (aka Moped Boy), Stephanie’s older brother and a thug, is after them for messing with his sister and ruining her time at the spring fling dance.

Between working on the project (inspired by the mayhem from the dance) and evading Jimmy D. -- Dash and Graham discover that they are more alike than they thought -- and become friends. Now they want their parents back together -- before Dash and his Dad move out of town! But nothing they arrange works -- not the car trouble they create; not the accidental meeting they coordinate; not the romantic dinner they setup -- not even winning the Science Olympics, which they do in spite of Jimmy D.’s attempts to ruin it.

So Dash and Graham stage a run away by camping out in the state park -- sure that the search will force their parents back together. And it does -- but not before their parents play a little prank of their own.

Their parents get married, the Pet Psychic and her menagerie attend the wedding; Jimmy D. gets his comeuppance; and Dash and Graham plot their next prank attack.

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