Sommer Rain/The Epiphany

Creator: Julius Goff
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
The story is about a woman who lost her daughter to a tragic accident and in turn loses her mind. The story is based in her mind and crosses from fantasy to reality.
Synopsis: Neda Grihm, an elderly woman waits for a visit from several friends and family. The first is her house nurse, then her daughter Sommer visits (they are never in the room concurrently). She then, has a visit from the mailman, watches as a neighbor cuts the grass, and goes on to tell her daughter about a dream she's had about a man dressed in white (an angel). However, her daughter disappears and then reality.

The nurse (house nurse) comes into the room after Neda has an attack, but it is a psyche ward not the loving home in her mind. The doctor, dressed in his white attire (previously the man dressed in white (the angel), rushes into the room to try and revive Neda. Flat line-------

The next day the nurse cleans her belongings and is interrupted by a man rolling in a wheelchair who thinks he is cutting the lawn, another man (previously the mailman) who thinks he's a mailman, and as the nurse continues to clean a photo of Neda's daughter falls on the floor.

The nurse is shown standing over two graves with Neda and Sommer resting side by side (the date shows that Sommer has been dead for several years.

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    Creative Notes:
    This is a revision of the original, This is Sommer Rain a revision of "The Epiphany" The original had more characters (some of which were combined in the shorter version (Sommer Rain). Although, this short is named "Epiphany" it is the shorter Sommer Rain.