The Coin, The Flute, The Missing Boot

Creator: Jason Aylmer
Age rating: 13 and older
A pair of Bostonians, pals Jack and Donald, undertake an adventure to obtain an all conquering artifact, Vidar’s Boot, thus preventing Freya, Norse goddess of love, from completing her ancient quest to begin Rognarok, the Scandinavian-themed end of the world.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Freya has decided on a career change; unfortunately, as the Norse goddess of love, it’s complicated. Filled with bitter hatred over a ruined relationship, Freya has come to loath love and recently stole a powerful weapon, Vidar’s Boot, to take over as goddess of war and ignite the battle that will end all life: Ragnarok. Anya, one of her Shieldmaidens (virgin teen warriors), uncovers the evil plot, steals the boot from Freya, and hides it in a labyrinth under what, three thousand years later, becomes Fenway Park. Anya stays in Boston to watch over the boot. Due to her immortality, she has remained a teenager in appearance, attending high school a few dozen times. She befriends an awkward young man, Jack, who is devastated when she suddenly runs off during his sixteenth birthday party. She leaves him a coin and cryptic message, warning of a boot and impending doom. Fourteen years later, Jack, and his best friend, Donald, own a pawn shop in present day Boston. In the middle of a trying afternoon, Freya arrives, brandishing a sword and a flute, which she forces Jack to play. The hunt is on! Anya, whose immortality has been revoked, returns, introducing Jack and Donald to a host of mythological creatures. Once he discovers Freya’s intentions, Jack vows to lead the group in a race against Freya through a series of challenges in the dwarf inhabited caves and tunnels leading to the boot chamber.

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