Veil of a Dream

Creator: S. A. Garner
Age rating: 17 and older
Veil of a dream is a character-driven drama about an emotionally unstable teenager who must battle the torment of his manipulative friends, his scarred past, and his own haunted mind as he pursues a desire for love.
Synopsis: Daniel is a freshly graduated 18-year-old boy whose future is unknown to everyone, including himself. His only friends in the world consist of Jess, John and Matt. A dwindling friendship with Matt and John has left Daniel feeling disconnected and untrusting and his mutually repressed feelings for Jess have hidden inside his mind for too long.
Daniel still suffers from a past relationship with Sarah, a relationship he believes he was the ruin of due to his own personal faults. Daniel has become insecure as a result of this and is going nowhere in his life. Jess and Daniel, whilst walking in the park together, come across a rose, which Daniel tries to pick for Jess. Jess stops him from picking the rose and tells him to appreciate rather than own, Daniel takes this as a metaphor and does the same with his love for Jess. Around this time Daniel also comes across a Teddy Bear in burned wreckage in the woods. Daniel keeps the bear.

But Daniel’s life is turned around when Kate, a girl who he instantly takes a liking to, introduces Daniel to her lifestyle of Nightclubs, drinking and drugs. Daniel, desperate for her affections goes along with everything she tells him to do and slowly begins to lose himself to a new, darker personality. It is at this time that nightmarish visions of a Demonic version of himself begin taunting Daniel and twisting his perception of things. Daniel is soon conflicted by whom he wants to be with: Kate or Jess. Daniel chooses Kate.

As Daniel’s obsession for Kate grows, and Kate’s friend Charlotte develops her own crush for Daniel, Jess feels that she has been abandoned and forgotten by Daniel. Out of jealousy and spite, she and John begin a romantic relationship.

It is now that the Demon inflicts Daniel with nightmares about his past relationship with Sarah. The Demon brings out Daniel’s inner feelings of running away from his problems in life rather than facing them and moving on; driving Daniel further into darkness.

All suddenly turns for Daniel when Kate and Matt’s relationship is revealed to Daniel and he instantly turns violent on Matt and attempts to beat him up. Daniel is thrown out of his new lifestyle with Kate and Charlotte and he retreats to the safety of Jess. Jess immediately resents Daniel’s return to her life and pushes him way, causing Daniel himself to feel isolated and bitter towards Charlotte and Kate. The Demonic presence haunting Daniel now pushes him further and further into darkness and in his rage and jealousy, Daniel murders John.

Following John’s death, Daniel and Jess both fall into a depressive state of isolation. Their feelings for each other mutual and still growing but both refusing to yield to them. Daniel is now unable to tell whether or not the Demon taunting him is real or not and his mind is getting rapidly weaker as a result. After being covertly persuaded into suicide by Kate, Jess kills herself, spurring Daniel into making the final decision to end his life and the torment of the Demon. It is here that Daniel realizes his fatal flaw of being desperate for love but believing himself to be unworthy of it.

But whilst Daniel and Jess sank into their depression, Charlotte and Matt have secretly been hiding an affair from Kate. Matt cannot decide who he wants more out of the two so instead plays them both. Charlotte resents this and begins to resent Daniel for ditching her for Kate and Jess. Daniel and Charlottes relationship falls apart when he begins to control her sexually and mentally. Charlotte runs to Matt and persuades him to beat Daniel up so as to make him afraid of going near her again. Matt agrees after fighting with Daniel and promising to kill him if he goes near Charlotte or Kate again.

Daniel brings himself to the lake where he and Jess met and waits for the right time to end his own life. Charlotte interrupts and tries to convince him to run away as she has told people that Daniel killed John. Scared and confused, Daniel believes Charlotte but refuses to run, he blames her for everything and in rage suffocates her. Daniel runs from the murder and runs into Sarah who is on a week’s break from University. Daniel and Sarah talk briefly before Sarah says she has to go, before leaving she instructs Daniel to tell Jess how he feels – unaware that Jess is dead. Finally deciding he has had enough and wanting to be with Jess once again, Daniel returns to the lake and kills himself just as Matt arrives with a knife. Daniel, at the time of his death, held the rose that he was originally going to give to Jess. He held it as he died as a promise of his love for her. Matt looks on at the corpses of Charlotte and Daniel and runs away in fear.

Months later, with Daniel and Charlotte now buried with John and Jess, Matt and Kate look on as the only two survivors. Kate now dumps Matt and tells him she wants nothing more to do with him, angry and guilty for believing he caused the deaths of Charlotte and Daniel, Matt leaves Kate. Kate stands by the grave of Daniel and realizes all that she has done to bring about his death; she apologizes and leaves a rose on his grave. A reminder of where his love truly was the whole time.

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