Father's Days: A True Story of Incest

Creator: Renee J. Despins
Age rating: Everyone
It was a secret too terrible to silence. It had to surface, shattering her life, changing it radically - but its release, bringing at last a new hope, not just to Katherine and her family, but to all the Katherine Bradys everywhere.
Synopsis: Katherine Brady is not her real name but every word of her shocking story is true.
For ten years Katherine Brady led a double life. Growing up in a small midwestern town, she was the ideal teenager -- beauty queen, honor student, and with a boyfriend from one of the town's most elite families. But at home lived another Katherine, her father's own "little girl" unwillingly involved in a secret sexual relationship that left her shamed, isolated, fearful, and emotionally burdened for years.
Katherine later married her high school sweetheart and maintained her facade of outward accomplishments -- a beautiful home, a career, two children. But her incestuous past still tormented her until, at last, her carefully constructed life began to disintegrate and she was forced to confront the truth, with her family as well as herself. Only then could she start the painful journey toward emotional independence.
This is Katherine's deeply personal story of her childhood, her illicit relationship with her father, and her struggle through humiliation, helplessness, and anger to become a whole, mature human being. Her attempts to understand her father as well as herself and the roles each family member played are related with utter honesty and insight.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Family Drama
    Creative Notes:
    Change opening to a Norman Rockwell family at Thanksgiving dinner; then flashbacks to the real "Bradys" living their secret lives interfaced with chronological scenes of the actual events as they unfold. I will use voiceovers throughout; and enhance the ending to appeal to all those people who wonder about the Woody Allen and Honey Boo Boos family stories.