Creator: Brandon C. Lay
Age rating: 17 and older
Lewis is a young actor who's just landed his first break. Bearing is a sociopath obsessed with one thing: lowbrow talk shows. When their lives crash into one another in a chance accident both their lives will be forced through a bloody wake of self-discovery.
Synopsis: Lewis Demy has just achieved what so many long for... a paid acting job. He's been cast in The Tempest as the famed character Caliban, under the direction of genius, Luther Reynolds.

Bearing Shelters has lost everything. His tour in the marines just ended, his girlfriend is marrying a new guy and he was just fired. His response? Shooting his boss, a hostess and an elderly man trying to have dinner. When fleeing from the crime he crashes into Lewis' car.

The accident is so severe that Lewis is permanently disfigured and can now ONLY play Caliban. And how will this accident affect his relationships, especially with his true love, Candice?

As for Bearing, if he ever wakes up from the coma he hopefully won't find out that Lewis actually makes a very successful career out of being deformed.

Celebrity (Sociopath + Obsessive personality) = a high body count no matter how you do the math.

Latest Work

  • Script 4 - Brandon's 4th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This sometimes surreal dark comedy analyzes the morbid curiosity for human misery. Employing elements of thrillers, action movies and horror to advance this character drama best compared to Natural Born Killers. Contains homage to Oldboy, 21 Grams and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. A killer soundtrack recommendation and sparing direction help to further illustrate Caliban's stylized tone.

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