Creator: Eric Dickson
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
During her first week in LA, an aspiring young actress is tormented by a mysterious midnight caller who randomly breaks in and out of her apartment.
Project collaboration: Closed

SCARLETT MCTIERNEY, a wide eyed Texan with big dreams, moves to Los Angeles to appear in a low-budget horror film, only to discover that the film's slimy producer demands something in return. To make matters worse, her car breaks down and is forced to take work as a grocery store clerk. There, she meets charming young stockman CHRIS RESNIK, an out of work screenwriter who shares similar ambitions.

A few of the other characters include Scarlett's battered neighbor BONNIE KEEBLER; another out of work actress with broken dreams and an abusive boyfriend; the tightly wound store manager BRAD ACKERMAN, and the dark and foreboding NATHAN "NATE" GARCIA, a frozen foods guy with a criminal record. Watching over them all is veteran L.A.P.D. DETECTIVE DALE "COZ" COSWELL who is busy investigating the mysterious parking lot abduction of Assistant Manager GRACIELLA SANCHEZ.

While Coswell races to find the identity of Graciella's kidnapper, Scarlett begins getting strange phone calls in the middle of the night and hearing loud knocks at her door. Soon, she hears of Graciella's abduction and is convinced the same man is now stalking her.

As Scarlett's friendship with Chris grows closer, the phone calls also continue while all the evidence seems to point in his direction. Detective Coswell all but convinces Scarlett that Chris had a secret obsession with Graciella and that she should break all ties with him. Chris refuses to lay off, believing that fellow employee Nate is the one making the phone calls. After the police order him away from Scarlett, Chris conducts his own investigation into Graciella's abduction. When Chris's obsession with Nate causes an all out war between the two men, Brad has him fired and threatens his arrest if he ever steps foot in the store again.

Meanwhile, Scarlett returns home and is shocked to find Bonnie waiting in her apartment. She is bruised and badly beaten. Bonnie explains that her and her boyfriend had just been in a horrible fight and that she is making provisions to leave town and return home. She then shows Scarlett an envelope filled with three thousand dollars cash; money loaned to her by an ex boyfriend. Bonnie explains that this ex boyfriend has an unhealthy obsession with her and has been giving her money to leave her apartment and back in with him. After a brief argument, Scarlett reluctantly allows Bonnie to stay the night.

Later that evening, Scarlett awakens to a disturbing phone call. Scarlett consoles Bonnie after learning that her boyfriend was killed in a freakish hit and run accident. But when the police question Bonnie's whereabouts at the time of her boyfriend's death, Scarlett questions her new friend's stability and suspects her for the murder. She also begins to wonder whether or not Bonnie may be her secret stalker.

Following a near deadly encounter with a masked man she believes to be her stalker, a panic stricken Scarlett barely manages to escape and confronts Chris at gunpoint. As Chris fights for control of the weapon, Scarlett accidentally fires off a shot that kills him. The morning after, Detective Coswell pays a visit to the store and discovers key evidence in Nate's locker, implicating him in Graciella's disappearance and possible murder. After Scarlett hears of Nate's arrest, she becomes instantly sickened by what she's done to Chris. An emotionally broken Scarlett decides it is time to head back home. She finishes out her shift and quits.

As Scarlett returns to her apartment and begins packing her things, she receives several eerie phone messages from Brad, practically begging her to return to work. Scarlett finds this a bit strange and immediately calls Detective Coswell to investigate. As Scarlett awaits his arrival, she becomes more and more impatient and fearful for her life.

As Scarlett steps outside to meet with Coswell, she discovers his body on the ground, propped next to his car. His engine is running and his throat slit from ear to ear. Scarlett is then chased and cornered by a masked man she believes to be Brad. After begging and pleading for her life, the masked man (BRAD) brutally stabs her to death, leaving her lifeless body in the street.

As Brad returns to his apartment, one door down from Scarlett's, he flushes a pair of bloody gloves while his cell phone rings uncontrollably. The name Bonnie appears on the screen -- Bonnie sits curled up in a chair, crying, staring at an old photo of her and now dead boyfriend Jason. She is holding her cell phone to her ear, waiting for Brad on the other line. She stares down at the envelope full of money, looking guilt-ridden and sickened by what's happened. She hangs up and quickly dials 9-1-1 instead. She reports Brad to the police for murdering her boyfriend.

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