The Road to Atlantis

Creator: Vicky Neal
Age rating: 13 and older
When an ex-marine stumbles across one of three clues leading to the legendary city of Atlantis, he is forced to partner with a stuffy Peace Corps superior in order to keep an oil tycoon from discovering a secret energy source that could help him rule the world.
Synopsis: Brody Nash, ex-marine, now serves the Peace Corps. Working on a project in Africa to help a poor village prosper, he meets his match in Annie Dennis, paper jockey from the Corps. The two clash immediately, but are drawn to each other at the same time.

Through a mishap of Annie's, the couple discovers an underground cavern where one of the three markers of Atlantis is hidden. The ancient compass directs them to Greece, but they are not the only interested party. Garrett, oil tycoon, wants more than anything to discover the lost city, where a legendary energy source is rumored to exist. He sends his goon to the village to retrieve the marker from Brody, who barely escapes with it, Annie by his side.

They fly to Greece, where the goons strike again. Working together, the couple escapes to find the second marker, a puzzle that must be solved. It directs them to Brazil for the final marker, but first, they must survive another strike by Garrett's forces. Annie learns that Brody only joined the Corps in hopes of finding the markers and leaves him to continue the search on her own.

They hook up in Brazil, when Garrett threatens Annie's life. She agrees to stick with Brody and his guides. They come across the location of the final marker and brave lava in order to retrieve it. By possessing all three markers, they are now shown the location of Atlantis - The Bermuda triangle.

Garrett takes them prisoner on his boat. When they arrive in the Triangle, Garrett's main henchman must solve the puzzle. Once he does, the great city of Atlantis surfaces around them.

Knowing there will be booby traps along the way, Garrett forces Brody and Annie to enter the city with his men and him. Under Brody's expertise, the group survives various traps in order to reach the room where the Molinar, a large crystal capable of powering an entire city, keeps Atlantis afloat. When Garrett snatches the Molinar, the city starts to sink back into the sea.

Brody and Annie finds their selves trapped with Garrett in the flooded city, on the verge of drowning inside it. With Annie's help, Brody disposes of Garrett and searches for a way out. He opens a trapped panel that allows both to escape into the sea.

The couple returns to Africa in order to help the villagers rebuild their village after it was nearly destroyed in the earlier attack. They need a well desperately but funds from the Corps have run out. Brody assures Annie that will be no problem. They will sell the Molinar that he had taken from Garrett during their final battle. The news overjoys Annie.

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