Creator: Kyle C. Carmean
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 13 and older
A group of privateers and an inquisitive inspector are sent to investigate an English colony after one of their ships shows up in England with no one on board.
Synopsis: Inspector ALAN HAMMETT is summoned to travel to the colony of Grenville to find out the fate of the colonists and more importantly, find out why a strange symbol that was found in Egypt and the Orient was also found on the ship. Hammett is joined by a crew of privateers and the colony's greedy owner, DERRICK THORPE. When they arrive at the colony they find it mysteriously abandoned. Hammett believes that they must have moved inland but the rest of the crew think that there is something more going on, something evil. Those suspicions come true as the crew begin to have terrifying nightmares -- Nightmares of things they thought they had locked away forever. Hammett soon learns that the visions are linked to the artifact and if they don't do something they will end up like the colonists.

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