“The Great Battle of Bataan” The Bravery of Men

Creator: eddie diano
Age rating: Everyone
The bravery of Americans and Filipinos during WW2 to fight for Liberty, Freedom and Democracy.
Synopsis: After the air battles, the pilots of the 6th Pursuit Squadron fought on the grounds of Bataan and Corregidor to defend further the country against the Japanese invasion hoping that reinforcement will come from America for it is only a matter of time this sentinel in the west of the Pacific will fall. Because of their persistence and will to fight, the defenders of Bataan and Corregidor were able to delay the 50 day timetable of Japanese advances into Australia and other Southeast Asian countries. This story is how they fought a ground battles up to the time of the surrender at Corregidor (The Death March).

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    Creative Notes:
    The story “The Great Battle of Bataan” is the second part of three sequels about the bravery of gallant Philippine Army Air Corps airmen, United States Armed Forces in the Far East (USAFFE), who fought against all odds during the invasion of the Japanese Empire in the Philippine Islands during WW II.