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Age rating: Everyone

13th century
EVANA from Tibet
and VALERE de MONTBRUN, a knight who saved the Cathar treasure from the castle
of MONTSEGUR in France.
They will reborn 7 centuries later to discover 
the treasure during the World War 2, chased by the Nazi armies.


March 1244
In south-west France, the Château de Montségur is besieged by the king’s army.
One of the most fervent defenders of the Cathari cause, the knight Valère de Montbrun is givent the task of escaping with a mysterious treasure to keep it from falling into the hands of the Inquisition.

At the same time, in Tibet
Two teenagers, Yori and Evana, are in love.
The Tibetans’ spititual chief, the Dalai-Lama, dies.
The oracles see in Yori his successor. The boy is taken to the mythical Potola monastery for initiation. Within the walls, he cannot erase the memory of Evana from his mind. He escapes and walks for days, accross mountains and plains, to be with her.
But long weeks have passed. Evana has met somebody else. Yori catches them kissing. He loses his footing and falls over a steep précipice to his death.
An old hermit shuffles out of his cave at the foot of the mountain and curses Evana, casting her into a nightmare that will last seven centuries.

700 years later
Amidst the chaos of the Second World War, a group of Nazi sympathizers sets out to bring together the two halves of a medallion that will confer absolute power on its owner.
Kostia, an old archeologist and curator of a London museum, has part of the key to the mystery in his possession. The Nazis try to get to him through his sons – and bitter ennemies – Valerain and Diego.
Unbeknownst to the two men, they fall in love with the same Young and mysterious woman of Chinese origins, Evana. Every man she has ever loved died a violent death. Conscious of what would seem to be a curse she carries, Evana lives detached from the world around her.
The same incomprehensible nightmare comes back time and time to haunt her sleep: a young man falling to his death down a steep rock face.
Evana meets the Comte de Saint-Germain, an enigmatic character reputed to possess certain powers, including the ability to interpret dreams.
Diego’s weakness leads him into a diabolical pact with the Nazis, while Valérian, who is enthralled by Evana, tries to solve the riddle of the medallion.
Eventually, they each succeed in getting their hands on half of the medallion, and Valérian and Evana set off for the ruined Château de Montségur.
In the course of their long, perilous journey, all that they are sure of ans believe in is gradually undermined by mystery and intrigue…

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