The Lone Crusader

Creator: Vicky Neal
Age rating: 13 and older
A female cargo pilot joins forces with a crippled rebel alliance, becoming the ray of hope they desperately need.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: An evil dictator by the name of Tramin leads the Alliance, a powerful force throughout the galaxy, intent on ruling the universe. The only opposition to Tramin is the C.O.C., a small group of rebels led by an audacious Morton.

While the C.O.C. does everything in their power to keep Tramin’s control from spreading to other planets, they lose many good ships and pilots. All hope is lost.

After Captain Sargon, a valuable man to the C.O.C is captured by the enemy, things only get worse - until Trevor meets Deena Anders, owner of her own cargo ship and a strong fighter. She rescues Trevor but refuses to stay with the C.O.C. not wanting to get involved with the war.

After reuniting with her co-pilot, Ron Starkel, Deena goes after her ship, which has been stolen by a former employee. Once he is out of the picture, Deena takes everything he owns and donates it to the C.O.C., giving them hope once again that they have a chance to win the war.

The Alliance has developed technology for warp drives on one of their larger vessels. Knowing they need this knowledge in order to compete, Deena helps Morton come up with a plan of attack to steal the plans from their enemy. With both ground and air forces in place, C.O.C. fighters go after the plans.

Deena takes on Tramin himself. Trevor leads the ground forces. After a grueling battle, the C.O.C. comes out on top with the sweet taste of victory, for now. It's a long way until they might actually win the war.

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