Bully Jimmy

Creator: Wal Friman
Age rating: Everyone
A boy without friends is an easy target for the bullies and almost dies, before he gets one of them to take him under his wing.
Synopsis: A school kid is bullied and it seems that his family will have to move away again. His sister Jackie is in the age when moving away is completely out of the question - would destroy her and simply cannot happen.

The bully has the whole family and the authorities involved, but there is very little that can be done. Dad hoped he would do something good, as he demonstrated to one bullie’s parents how the bully makes his son feel. Ever since, dad is not seen as fit to leave custodial interrogation. Mother is in such bad spirit that she’s over-challenged with pretty much every family related responsibility that she has. Jackie tries to help Jimmy by tricking him to meet people, hoping he’ll at least have a friend. But, it is no secret that he simply hasn’t got the chops for social relationships while the bully is as bad as it is. Jimmy himself tries to get one of the worst bullies, to help him out. He figures that Allen as an A-class student, might eventually decide to do the right thing. Jimmy pays him money, even if Allen says that he’d never save Jimmy even from taking his life.

As Allen’s mind undoubtedly is set in stone, Jimmy becomes suicidal and after a last minute save from a rooftop Jimmy starts to develop a new groundbreaking method to deal with bully. He promises Allen full credit for the new bully confrontation method. The method is seen as controversial, but if it truly works the whole world would benefit from it. Then no one would care about controversy - it’d just make Allen world-famous. That makes Allen curious enough to test the method with Jimmy. They solve Jimmy’s bully-problem together and then Allen even admits that Jimmy created the method and the credit for it belongs to him.

PS. This method is for real and the movie could be used worldwide to solve bully & racism-problems.

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