Creator: Thomas Ogas
Age rating: 13 and older
In a small mountain town, seven people are trapped in what seems to be a zombie outbreak. But the greatest threat isn't the townsfolk trying to feast on their flesh, it's what's keeping them alive.
Synopsis: It starts when a hiker is attacked by a stranger in the forest. The hiker dies at a clinic in a nearby small town, then comes back to life and unleashes a violent outbreak upon the entire town.

The few survivors are saved by a mysterious stranger who is unaffected by the outbreak, fully able to fight off the rabid townsfolk, and refuses to let them leave.

Their attempts to escape fail. Attacks on their safe house get worse. Only by discovering the mystery behind their savior do they have any hope of surviving.

And then what? Because other strangers have gathered just outside, awaiting their turn to handle the outbreak once and for all.

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