Creator: jim kopatsaris
Age rating: 17 and older
In a futuristic world of population explosion, hunger and deep poverty, the government runs a bizarre plan of feeding its masses from their own dead until suspicion arises of disappearing bodies.

Synopsis: In the not so long future of overpopulation with people living in the streets or abandoned cars, where stray dogs are used for food with the Government in a state of bankruptcy, one Government official of obscure past initiates a secret plan of how to feed the poor with their own dead.
Until one man, DANIEL LUCAS, late 30s, ex-war vet and present weapons designer, witness one morning a bizarre car accident in front of his eyes when his wife ALICE, late 20s struck by a speeding car. And when he calls 911 for help he’s put on hold while moments later his sees his wife’s body thrust into a weird ambulance operated by two paramedics dressed as bums.
When later he visits the area hospital to inquire about his wife, he discovers in desperation that she wasn’t taken there. He reports the incident to the police station but finds unwillingness to cooperate.
He calls his father-in-law LARRY who is a police Sergeant but he can’t find anything. Later, Larry suspects the Captain of his precinct is involved in a conspiracy of body disappearances.
Now Daniel following a lead he obtained tracks down the route of the ambulance it snatched his wife’s body and finds the location where the ambulance dumps similar loads.
In the meantime Larry investigates his Captain and when he has enough information, he visits him at home and in a struggle the Captain dies. Larry and his wife one night after that in their home are murdered by three hit men sent by the same group his Captain was involved.
Daniel later meets two old war-buddies, STEVE and DOUG
with similar incidences of family body disappearances.
He recruits them to his investigation to discover the responsible people implicated in this conspiracy.

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