Identity Check

Creator: Ken Merrell
Age rating: 13 and older
Identity Check is an action/comedy about Nurse, a homeless woman living a delusional past in an alley behind a Las Vegas casino, who disbands a powerful identity theft ring when she mobilizes a ragtag bunch of homeless friends and finds her identity in the present.

Synopsis: SYNOPSIS

Rebecca Lambert, known on the streets as Nurse, pushes her loaded shopping cart down the street on a hot Las Vegas night. She is talking to her imaginary daughter Belle. She arrives at an alley where posters for the senator's re-election clutter the alley. A young man dumps trash into the dumpster. Nurse falls in head first as she searches for personal information. She believes she will find something and does, the Senator's Social Security number. She justifies her actions as “necessary” if they want to stop the crime, but warns her daughter Belle, “I’ll tan yer hide if’n ya ever breaks the law.” She arrives at a rundown gas station where she asks the attendant if he has a mail drop. She pats a manila envelope located in her cart. The owner points her to the other side of the booth. The old woman deposits her envelope in the drop and then she wanders off as she continues to talk to her daughter.

Later that night Nurse approaches her friend in front of Kitty's Escort Services asks for a report. She is told a metal box arrived that was taken into the basement of Eddie’s Gym. They know something with identity theft is going on but don’t know exactly what. They do know someone is paying a hundred bucks for any good information to steal identity.

Later, Nurse meets Mitch as he is looking for a job in the body shop next to Eddies gym. She warns him the last guy dissapeared. is scrounging through the trash behind Eddie’s Gym when Eddie (70’s) comes out the back door and shuffles his feet, stretches, and does some boxing moves. The old woman teases him that he's pretending to be deaf so he cant hear what his grandson it up to right under his nose. The old man and Nurse are long time friends. Eddie wishes his grandson was as good a child as Belle.

After Eddie returns to the gym, Nurse encounters a man in only his underwear (Greg Hart) who stumbles down the alley. Nurse begins to chase him away. He’s delirious and severely sunburned. She softens and offers to call the police. He refuses and struggles to stand up. Nurse leans him over her cart and takes him to her shack under the Three Queens parking garage, soothes his sun burn speaking to her daughter as she works.

At night, while Nurse is away, Eddie calls to her from the upper window of his gym. He’s in trouble. Greg hears but is too sick to help. When Nurse returns, Greg tells her someone was calling for her and a gun shot was heard. She gathers her friends to investigate and they break into the gym half looking for illegal activity and half trying to find Eddie. While inside, Eddie’s grandson and mobster friends enter the gym. Nurse and her friends scatter and hide but hear conversations that Eddie knows too much and that he has to be eliminated. The mobsters clean out the basement.

Nurse finds Eddie has fallen down a laundry chute into the basement. She thinks he’s dead and has a breakdown, confused about Belle and Eddie, thinking Belle has fallen down the well and died. At the hospital Nurse’s friends try to get her committed. She leaves her friends to go with a doctor. Shortly after, she snaps too and becomes angry with her friends. The next evening, back in the alley, she lets her friends have it. They’re back where they started; the proof of the suspected identity theft ring is gone, Eddie, who had some information, is too sick to help, and her friends tried to turn on her. While discussing the problem a car pulls up and parks nearby in the alley. A young man (Mitch) exits the car. Nurse remembers seeing the car earlier in the day when the owner of Three Queens, Vinnie, pulled it into the body shop and out again. They see blood dripping from under the trunk. They investigate and find the key broken off in the lock of the trunk and a body inside. They steal the body and hide it, then scatter up and down the alley to wait and watch. Commotion erupts from the Three Queens and Mitch is running down the alley. When a guard catches him at gunpoint, Nurse knocks the guard out and tells Mitch to climb into her shack. She covers him up with a dirty blanket. Greg is feeling better and she tells him to strip to his underwear. She does the same. As the guards find the unconscious guard, they begin to search. They find Nurse and Greg as if they are a couple. The guards are half sick and half hysterical and rule out the shack as a possible hiding place for Mitch.

After the guards are all gone the friends get together and ask Mitch why he had a dead body in his car. He explains that Vinnie set him up for the murder of an undercover FBI agent. The group of friends tries to decide if they should help Mitch. It is discovered that Greg was trying to commit suicide, because he had been ruined by stolen identity, lost his home, job, wife children and dignity. Mitch had been the person who stopped him and saved his life. The Alley Team decides to take Vinnie on and help Mitch.

Altering the identity of Nurse and her friends, they steal others identity and set Vinnie’s uncle up for the crimes. When the uncle comes to town, they tell him they will testify against him if he doesn’t stop Vinnie. When the uncle realizes Vinnie has been operating on his own, using the Three Queens as a front, in the casino the uncle owns, he is furious. He turns on Vinnie.

Vinnie turns on the Alley Team and Mitch’s pregnant wife for revenge. The last turning point when Vinnie arrives at the junkyard where Nurse and the team are hiding. They set a trap for Vinnie with big truck tires and a compressor. Vinnie nearly catches Mitch’s wife when he sets off the trap. The tires explode, mortally wounding him. Nurse rushes to try and help him and places his head in her lap and her knurled hands on his face to sooth him as he is dying. He asks why. She says, “Cause if’n you was my child, I’d want someone’s ta be with ya in such ‘portant time like this.” Vinnie reaches for her hand as a tear trickles down his face. He realizes his struggle for power and control was as simple as an old homeless lady who has real power through her acts of love and kindness, something he’s never felt before. Vinnie’s line of action ends.

The television is playing in a hospital room. The Nevada state senator insists his identity has been stolen as he is being questioned by a reporter about accusations made by a hotel clerk who has credit card proof that he checked in with a known hooker. The senator is proposing new legislation to stop the crime of identity theft. Mitch jokes with Nurse that she has more power than the US Senate. She denies it but says she has something more important, “lots a mighty fine friends.” The film concludes as Nurse is rocking and holding the infants, reminiscing, and singing a lullaby she sang to her baby girl. One of the babies starts to cry and she chokes up and hands the newborn children to Mitch and their mother representing the giving up of her own baby girl.

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  • Test Movie 3 - Final Cut
    Creative Notes:
    We have fixed the glitches, updated the music and made several changes to the illustrations to clarify important scenes.
  • Test Movie 2 - Second Cut
    Creative Notes:
    Major revisions to the sound track and several beats, with clarification on some scenes. This film explores not only the dark side of identity theft but how we, as a culture, might judge or identify with those who have means and those who don't. Who are you? Would you be different if you were broke and destitute?
  • Test Movie 1 - First Cut
    Creative Notes:
    This movie has been in production for nearly 6 months. It still needs a little music, color correction and editing. I'm looking for quality audience testing and input from you the viewer.