escape from hell

Age rating: Everyone
freedom or death
Synopsis: A young warrior of a subversive army in south america is arrested and confinned a cell by conspiration of his commadants in a mission of terrorist action that he took over. During his prission the boy remember all about of his recruitment and trainning to be turn in a killer in services of a ideology of ilegal organization and fighting against official government of colombia and living differents situations into the army.Frustrated love affairs and confrontations with his chieves by discipline and actions of behavior that he go to summarizing to his wishes to abandon the movement subersive. The warrior is taken five times to war council and he knows that the sixthtieh war council go to be his execution and prepares his escape.Only the royalty and frienship of someone of his partners free him of to be executed by his enemies and the envidious of others guerrilla fighters.The brave and malicious of the boy take him until the challenge of exit with sucess of the tires with the guerrilla army.

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  • Test Movie 2 - Re-edit
    Creative Notes:
    this version is shortest than before almost 56 minutes and has bundled the pictures and some music backgrounds in the begining of scenes were cut to do a better and dinamic presentation without change the content of story.
  • Video 3 - action-adventure-war
    Creative Notes:
    this promo short was made with videoclips taken from originals shootings videos in the area where tis guerrilla organization operates and it was officialñy forbiden and had not comercial circulation.
  • Video 2 - adventure-action-war
    Creative Notes:
    This promo short was made with videoclips taken of originals shootings in the area where this guerrilla organization operates in the south of colombian country.
  • Video 1 - action-adventure-war
    Creative Notes:
    Marulanda,general commandant of guerrilla en colombian mountains meet his army to advertise to his fronts heads to capture and take to a revolutionary war council to a rebel squadron commandant that had deserted of organization and is considered traitor because he could take the officil army to the encampments in the jungles.
  • Test Movie 1 - Rough Cut
    Creative Notes:
    this is the first test movie rough cut that I got of this project.I edited almost three hours and I will try to make other revision shortest.the script will go to have corrections in the dialogues.