escape from hell

Age rating: Everyone
Freedom or Death
Synopsis: A young warrior of a subersive organization is arrested and confinned to a cell to be judged by a war council. The young remember his recruitment and posterior trainning in one army to be turn in killer.After fullfilled a serie of actions of terrorism in urbans areas his sucess and fame gained in lines,his partnerts and chieves feel envidious and try to take him a war councils and with conspirations break his heart with the principles of movement and a serie of love affairs frustrated do that he plans a way of abandon the organization.He is taken to judgement many times and when he think that go to be executed with brave and malicious prepares his escape to the army.The despotism of his chieves and the intense fighting with the official army generate a wish to let the movement until he decides abandon the guerrilla risking his life get the freedom.

Latest Work

  • Video 2 - action-adventure
    Creative Notes:
    this trailer was made with original video clips of shootings made in areas where this subversive army operates but it was officialy forbiden and have not comercial circulation.I used musical background of amazon library score themes.

All Work

  • Test Movie 3 - Re-edit
    Creative Notes:
    this version is shortest than the last one and has bundled the pictures and some music backgrounds in the begining of scenes were cut without change the content of story to do a visual presentatuion of the test movie.
  • Test Movie 2 - Rough Cut2test movie
    Creative Notes:
    this is a shortest test movie than the first one because it was eliminated the sticks and has more view and dialogues that had been omitted before by the extension of the work because to a different mother board and chip less powerful and now I will try do other edition with modernest program and coloured too the images trying to get more suggestive the visional part.
  • Video 1 - action-adventure
    Creative Notes:
    second trailer with list of cast characters of voice an shortest than first one .Is about general comandant of guerrilla ordering to his army comandants to leave in prosecution of the desertor to bring him for to be judged in war council in front of secretatiat.I used video clips of shooting films in area of guerrilla Farc-ep domination during the years of decade of nineties,it was forbiden.
  • Test Movie 1 - Rough Cut
    Creative Notes:
    this is first rough cut of test movie