Merry Vegas Baby

Creator: Ronald Hendricks
Age rating: Everyone
Misfit angels struggle to save the soul of a cantankerous Las Vegas bus driver by bringing meaning and romance into his life.
Synopsis: Merry Vegas Baby Synopsis (under construction)

The day before Thanksgiving. It's sunny and hot and city buses are full. Radio stations are already playing Christmas music 24/7.

ED the bus driver is fifty. He’s overweight, unkempt and impatient for his shift to end. A large young black man (we'll meet TINY later) is running to catch the bus. Ed pretends not to see him and pulls away from the curb.

Ed notices an attractive lady in a polka dot dress (SPIRIT) sitting all the way in the back. She has bottle blonde hair and a little too much makeup. The lady bursts into tears.

Ed stops at the next red light and sets the air brake. He unhooks his seat-belt and walks to the back of the bus. He hands the lady a red mechanics’ rag. She looks at Ed with big doe eyes.

Ed lives in a motel (free HBO) just up the road. He offers the lady a place to stay. It's Thanksgiving after all.

Outside the mall, a Santa Claus bell RINGER is singing and dancing as shoppers come and go. The tune is Happy Birthday, but kind of jazzed up and catchy. It must be working 'cause there are a lot of dollar bills going into that little red kettle.

Across town, ESTELLE, a weary social worker, hurries through the room on the way to her office. Her hair is gathered in a bun and she has no time for makeup. Tiny is coloring at a round library table. The furniture is much too small for him. Tiny has grown up in the homeless shelter. Estelle is worried because Tiny is now too old to stay. He is a small child in a giant's body.

In a tent city not far away, METRO POLICE are tacking up eviction notices. A COP hands an extra notice to a BUM. Other HOMELESS gather around to read what it says.

Ed is in the checkout line holding turkey TV dinners and a bottle of tequila. Not too cheap, but certainly not the expensive stuff either. He scans the headlines of the tabloids: "Alien Quintuplets, etc." He reads: "Spirit Finds Ed's Poker Money In Underwear Drawer." He blinks and the headline disappears.

Ed races home to his motel room apartment. He hastily checks his poker money. All there. What a relief. He stuffs the money into the toe of a sock and buries it deeper in the drawer.

There is singing coming from the shower. Ed retrieves a large terrycloth robe from his closet. He hangs the robe on the bathroom door knob. Dim lights, soft music, change shirt, splash cologne, comb hair, newspapers under the couch with the rest.

In the kitchen, Ed quickly pops two TV dinners into the toaster oven and the rest in the freezer. He finds an empty spaghetti sauce jar for the flowers. He grabs two coffee mugs and pours a five count of tequila in both. He adds a splash more to hers.

Ed grabs the salt shaker and two mugs and heads for the living room. Sitting on the couch, wearing his robe, head wrapped with his towel is TAVAWNDA, a rather ample black woman. With ATTITUDE! Ed drops the drinks. "What the?? Who the HELL are you? Where's Spirit? Get outta my robe!"

Tavawnda snaps her fingers. Ed is frozen in mid sentence. He can only move his eyes. His mouth gapes. Tavawnda walks around the living room. Ed follows her with his eyes. "Too bad they didn't send someone more to your likin' HONEY! But we was fresh out of middle age white BIGOTS!"

"Names Tavawnda. T-A V-A DOUBLEYOUEN D-A! Lied to you when I said my name's Spirit. Half lied. I'm a spirit, not the Spirit. I was sent here to save you. Though WHY the Chairman wants to save the likes of YOU I do not know. You're gonna getta visit by three ghosts. Pay attention... and DON'T SCREW UP!!"

Tavawanda snaps her fingers and disappears. Ed is still frozen. A second later she reappears. "Join a fitness club! And get some AIR in this room!!" Tavawnda snaps her fingers again. A window flies open, a gust of wind scatters newspapers and she disappears.

to be continued...

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