escape from hell

Age rating: Everyone
freedom or death
Synopsis: jhonny a young fighter of an army that fight against official government of south american country is enjailed in the camps of guerrilla by conspiracy of his chieves .In the cell Jhonny back in dreams to his recruitment and trainning to turned him killer in services of comunist ideology that he get conciensous when lives despotism of heads of movement and be feels betrayed. young plans his escape.But a serie of facts support him in the lines.Several frustrated love affairs take him to decide determination of abandon the movement.The danger of be executed ,and the discrimination of his youngest,the facing with soldiers of official army in combats cultivate a feel of freedom in his heart.The trainning and practicing of terrorism in urban areas preparing him to be a kind of warrior that not be affraid of others fighters and try to be free.The killing with cooling turn him in a good desertor.

Latest Work

  • Video 2 - action-adventure-war
    Creative Notes:
    this short video was made with video clips of originals shootings in the area where yhis subversive organization operates,it was officially forbiden and this material had got not comercial circulation.The general commandant of secretariat of guerrilla Farc in south of colombian countrymeet his army and advertise to his chieves of fronts of desertion of one rebel commandant of squadron .

All Work

  • Test Movie 3 - Rough Cut2testmovie
    Creative Notes:
    this version is shortest than before and has more pictures and dialogues in the edition that the first one.
  • Test Movie 2 - Re-edit
    Creative Notes:
    This version is shortest than before and has pictures bundled to do a better and more dinamic presentation of the story.
  • Video 1 - action-adventure-war
    Creative Notes:
    This promo short was made with videoclips from originals shootings in area where this subversive army operates and it was officially forbiden and had not comercial circulation. Marulanda general commandant of guerrilla orders to his heads of fronts leave in prosecution of one rebel commandant that had deserted and can bring the army of official government until the encampments into the jungles.
  • Test Movie 1 - Rough Cut
    Creative Notes:
    this test movie was built complete with drawings because was the only way by the impossibility of make shooting in video,nor only the costs and adquisiction of equipment by the danger of work in this country(France was interested )Could do it better but i think that amazon .com is a good opportunity to show it to the world this story,that is not usually seen in the media of cinema