escape from hell

Age rating: Everyone
Freedom or death.A warrior of a subversive army Is arrested in a camp by conspiracy of his chieves.In prision the fighter remember all his lost life involucred in a war that he did not understand until that he decides abandon the organization looking new opportunity of life
Synopsis: Jhonny is a boy that was recruitment in childhood by a gang of guerrilla in colombia and he is taken to the encampments to be trainned and turn him like killer. during the confrontations with the official army in the mountains the boy feels nostlagy of his home and advertise the intimidation over the children with the war council by transgressions of rules of organization and he thinks that better way is support every behavior without complaint too much with his chieves and for this he got superation in the level and be a comandant of squadron and later right hand of jacobo arenas ,one of the meaning heads of secretariat.With the death of" Arenas " the young stayed in a vulnerable situation because many of his partners and chieves that before helping ,turn them in his enemies.In a serie of terrorists missions like "Cleaning operation"that was killing many political leaders and in some kidnappings that he had sucess ,it did an enviroment of traition , envidious and jelaucy by others partners and chieves and rwched him to many war councils where he got free,sizeing the hate of these over the young fighter.

Latest Work

  • Video 3 - action-adventure-war
    Creative Notes:
    This promo short was made with videoclipas taken of originals shootings films in the area where this guerrilla operate and this matrial was officially forbiden and had not comercial circulation.

All Work

  • Test Movie 3 - Re-edit
    Creative Notes:
    This version is shortest 41 minutes than second rough cut test movie version and has more bundled the pictures to do a btter and nore dinamic visual presentation.Some music backgrounds in the begining of scenes were cut without change the content of the story.
  • Test Movie 2 - Rough Cut2testmovie
    Creative Notes:
    this version is shortest than first and has more views and dialogues in the scenes and is not sticked between some escenes like before.somebody that want see will get it more slowly. I will try to do other new version cutting time in the background music to be shortes almos of 100 minutes and coloured the images in the views and fix a few the dialogues changing some and eliminate black holes .
  • Video 2 - action-adventure
    Creative Notes:
    this trailer was built with videoclips got in the shootings filmed in area of this subversive group operate,these films were officialy prohibited and it had not comercial circulation.Marulanda meet his army to advertisement heads officers to capture desertor that had escaped from its lines.Three gangs of different fronts leave to try to get the traitor of organization for be taken to war council
  • Video 1 - action-adventure
    Creative Notes:
    this trailer was made with video clips got of shootings films in area where this group operates.Marulanda meet his heads officers to advertisement about escape of one of commandants and many gangs of differents fronts of organization leave to try to capture him for to be taken to a war council and be executed by desertion.
  • Test Movie 1 - first rough cut test movie
    Creative Notes:
    this version is the first edited test movie that got extension of more that three hours but that I think get other shortest to facilitate its processing.The story is taken periodically trying of be more emotional with its wheeling until get the feeling of starring to leave of encampments where his life is in danger by intrigues of his commandants in heads of power into the organization.