A Dare To Remember

Creator: Karen Dyer
Age rating: 17 and older
After their paths cross in Paris, a burlesque artist on the run for murder and a former US agent are drawn to protect one another as they work as spies for the Japanese government. Action/Thriller
Synopsis: As Nina Monroe enters the seedy nightclub on a dark street in Paris, she can sense it. It won't be a regular night on the job. But then again, her life was never regular to begin with. Marc, the club manager, runs the steamy burlesque bar and Nina is its newest star. Having only been there three months, Nina's worked her way up to the headline act. The room, packed with the city's underground elite, is ready to see her. And that they do, as a cage descends from the ceiling revealing Nina, barely dressed in a piece of red beaded fabric. She shimmies and shines, then lights up the flames for her infamous fire routine. Marc watches her with admiration and concern.

Three Japanese gentlemen watch the show from the VIP section. The older one, Hiro, seated in the middle, gets the most pleasure from Nina and her skills. Marc takes notice of this. Two undercover cops walk in and Marc spots them immediately. Definitely American and sticking out among the crowd, they work their way to the bar, their eyes glued on Nina. As Nina finishes her routine, she jumps back into the cage and it starts to rise. Marc and the cops acknowledge each other with a polite toast. Nina, almost to the ceiling, takes off the last piece of her costume. Marc and Hiro's eyes meet. Hiro nods. Marc nods back. Nina extinguishes her flames and disappears into the ceiling.

Anna, a flirty waitress, leads the Japanese gentlemen to Nina's dressing room. Hoping to make good on their request to meet Nina, Anna begs Nina to greet them so they can party and make some tips. Reluctantly, Nina gives in. The men enter the dressing room, but force Anna to stay outside. Inside, Hiro makes himself comfortable, settling into a large chair in the corner, and taking sips from a Japanese tea cup. The other two men flank him silently. Nina is on guard. When Hiro asks about her real name, Nina gets her cue. She quickly grabs one of her fire props and ignites an attack against Hiro's henchmen. Her circus skills and quick reflexes serve her well as she narrowly defeats them both. Physically spent, she looks up and sees Hiro, still sitting in the corner, pointing a gun at her. Nina slowly unties her robe and lets it drop to the floor. Hiro doesn't budge. She unhooks her bra and lets it fall. Hiro tries to resist, but steals a glance. Nina swiftly kicks the robe over his head and swipes his weapon. He's impressed, which puzzles Nina. She pistol-whips him, knocking him out cold. Frantically, Nina packs a suitcase. She throws on her robe and pulls out an old photo from her pocket. As Nina looks over the faded picture of a young happy couple, she's reminded of the night that took their lives. She shakes it off, grabs her suitcase and heads to the door. Nina opens it and finds Marc standing there. Without explanation, he shoot her with a tranquilizer dart, sweeps up her body and escapes before the American undercover cops, with guns drawn, approach her door.

Nina wakes up in an empty warehouse in Tokyo, where she meets Kenji, Hiro's lethal offspring. He knows she's a fugitive, but why is she on the run? Just as his interrogation techniques borderline torture, Marc storms in and diffuses him. Noticing Marc's affection for Nina, Kenji leaves the room, displeased. Marc comes clean to Nina. He's a spy for a covert agency in Japan. He explains when she showed up at his club with a mysterious past and US assassins on her tail, he felt compelled to recommend her for recruitment, but by exposing the agency to an outsider, he was now giving her a fatal ultimatum; become a spy for the agency or be executed.

What will she choose? Who is Nina Monroe and why is she on the run? How will she become a spy and stay one step ahead of those who are out to kill her? In her time of need, who will she be able to trust?

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