Bed Sores - A Limited Locations Horror

Creator: Phil Hwang
Age rating: 13 and older
A young woman visits her estranged grandmother in anticipation of an inheritance and discovers she has become part of the undead.
Synopsis: When a young woman named Mia learns that her estranged grandmother is gravely ill, she goes to visit her to secure her claim on an anticipated
inheritance. Upon arrival, she learns that her uncle Felix and his family have been taking care of her grandmother Brenda and that Brenda's condition has deteriorated to that of a rotting corpse. Mia insists on staying in the house in order to protect her inheritance. Her bitterness toward her grandmother fades as she learns how much her grandmother cared for her and how she was manipulated by her departed mother. Mia grows to believe that Felix is the cause of her grandmother's condition. Her beliefs are confirmed but in the most imaginable way. Mia discovers that her grandmother is worth much more alive than dead and that Felix and his family are artificially keeping her alive and have created a deadly creature that lies somewhere between the living and the dead.

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