Wally World

Creator: J. Ryan Winters
Age rating: 13 and older
On Christmas Eve, four criminals attempt to steal over two million dollars in hidden cash from Wally World, a superstore in Midwest America. The heroic acts of a few Wally World employees make the thieves attempted heist far more difficult than expected.
Synopsis: Wally World superstore, located in Calm River Crossing Shopping Center, is the biggest, most profitable store in this fictional midwest town. Wally World contains its own restaurant in BIG SAM'S SUBS, a beauty shop, and also a bank. Wally World also sells nearly every product available on the market, from car parts to furniture. It's Christmas Eve, and Wally World is closing its doors at 6:00 p.m. because of the holiday. Wally World cashier, 22-year-old EVAN JENKINS, is trying to make it through his shift as fast as possible. He passes through the day chatting with friend and possible romantic interest TIFFANY, a cashier in her twenties, and Employee Supervisor ANDREW, who spends more time flirting with girls than doing actual work. None of them are prepared for what is about to happen inside Wally World on the night before Christmas.

On the other side of town, four desperate criminals plan to rob Wally World before the store closes. The masterminds behind the heist are VINNY, a career criminal in his mid 40's looking for a big score to put him back on top, and ERIC, a young man in his 20's, who's secret girlfriend JADY works in the Jewelry Department inside Wally World. The three of them came to a conclusion that possibly $2 million dollars in cash will be sitting inside a safe located in Wally World this very night. Vinny and Eric bring their partners in crime in on this plan as well. CHUCK, a middle-aged man who grew up with Vinny, and TYLER, a lifelong friend of Eric's.

Vinny, Chuck, Eric, and Tyler arrive at Wally World 20 minutes before the store closes. Jady and Eric text each other about the status of employees STEVE and JEFF, who are the Head Manager and the Head Asset Protection Agent in Wally World. These are the two who have the keys that are needed to get into the Money Room and the Security Office. All four thieves hide undetected inside the Wally World dressing room right before the store closes for the customers. Evan was unlucky enough to be sent outside in cold, winter weather to collect grocery carts in the Wally World parking lot. Suffering the duties of pushing carts in the cold ends up being a blessing is disguise for Evan though, because Vinny and his gang come out of the dressing room with masks on and guns out while Evan is still outside, unaccounted for.

What follows is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller. Basketballs are used as weapons, hunting shotguns sold inside Wally World come into unexpected hands, and propane tanks explode in exhilarating fashion. This all culminates in a wild 100mph car chase on the highway at night, with Evan being the last hope to catch the Wally World criminals before they escape with over $2 million dollars in cash!

Latest Work

  • Script 6 - J. Ryan's 6th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    An exciting thriller that will have you holding your breath in suspense! This version has cleaner dialogue, and a faster pace. Also added a more detailed explanation of why $2 million dollars is being kept in a single store. New and vastly improved draft coming soon!

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