Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
Accept werewolves are real. Also accept they're not like the movies say. Living with lycanthropy can be a challenge for anyone. And keeping the secret is even harder when someone is accidentally bitten.
Synopsis: American Werewolf in London meets Trainspotting.

A young girl Sherri, is accidentally bitten by a novice werewolf in the woods. Instead of killing her off, she's brought in to the group of local werewolves to see if she can hack being a werewolf. If not, she can't be allowed to live, but Jack and Zane will spend time training her, working with her before the first moon.

In the meantime, Jack has met up with a lovely human girl Faye. Despite the twilight jokes thrown around at Jack, he's really debating whether or not he can share what he is with her. All the while knowing the only way to keep the secret is to become part of it themselves.

Sherri has also met Tasha, who personifies the noun "Bitch". Callous and self centered she's more interested in playing games, and risking the reality of lycanthropy being exposed than she is about The safety of the other wolves around her.

When the games go too far, the group must try and diffuse the danger, save sherri's life, and keep the evening news from tracking down the truth about the reality of werewolves.

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  • Video 1 - Freeborn Werewolf concept
    Creative Notes:
    Over 200,000 comments from thousands of fans around the world, were taken about what werewolves should be. And the original story was built around that premise.