A Hard Lesson

Creator: R S
Age rating: Everyone
A tenacious teacher takes on the pupil from hell only to learn the dark secrets of his family, and ultimately what treachery means.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Teacher, Sarah, embarks a relationship with old school-friend and rogue, Frank. She feels a misfit when she meets his tightly-knit, hierarchal gang, headed by charismatic psychopath, Kurt.

Sarah is soon abandoned at the hands of Frank’s commitment to his cause. Her sense of inadequacy deepens when she takes on a pupil from hell, Josh. But Sarah’s wounded pride drives her onward despite his trials, the revelation that he is dyslexic and after he becomes a suspect to a stabbing.

Their relationship evolves when she sets him an assignment on erotic art. Slowly, Sarah gets drawn into the dark secrets of his family.

Finding herself cornered into serving up his family’s punishment, Sarah resigns her post after the integrity for her job becomes compromised. But Sarah soon discovers things are not what they appear in Kurt’s clique or with Frank. Sarah ultimately finds herself face to face with Kurt and with her greatest fear.

The focal point of the story is the chemistry between Sarah and Josh. Some of the most memorable moments on film (I feel) involve the sparring, repartees and sexual tension between two starkly contrasting people.

Character list

Sarah: Teacher of literacy. Naïve, timid, attractive, mid-twenties, she is bookish but harbours a tenacious and proud nature.

Josh: (Known as Toby to his friends): Sarah’s difficult and dyslexic pupil. In his early twenties, he is a tall delinquent grunge from a prosperous background.

Frank: Sarah’s boyfriend. Handsome and roguish, he belongs to a criminal gang headed by Kurt.

Kurt: Charismatic leader of a criminal gang of which Frank is a member.

Mrs Tobin: Josh’s mother. Attractive, mid-forties, she strives for perfection but her kindly nature belies a manipulative streak.

Sue: Mrs Tobin’s daughter; an uptight, high-maintenance version of Mrs Tobin.

John: Sue’s smug business-lecturer husband.

George: Kurt’s right-hand thug.

Harry: Rum-loving trenchcoat-sporting tramp, keeper of Kurt’s secrets.

Joe: Member of Kurt’s gang who gets used by Kurt.

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