Creator: Helen Goltz
Age rating: Everyone
You thought you were playing an online game to mastermind the perfect crime ... but it is no game. FBI agent Mitchell Parker and his team race against the clock to stop the crimes happening. Love it when a plan comes together? Hold on, because nothing is about to go right!
Synopsis: You are playing an online game; masterminding the perfect crime. Or at least you think it’s a game.

A seemingly normal web site inviting game players to mastermind the perfect crime is the façade for billionaire Lawrence Hackett’s real-life game of Mastermind—an invitation-only competition for a select few to see who can perform the perfect heist and win an enormous bounty.

Special Agent Mitchell Parker and his Washington D.C. based team learn the magnitude of the international crime ring just in time. Washington, London, Paris ... the clock is on.

If you love it when a plan comes together, hold on tight, because nothing is about to go right!

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  • Script 1 - Helen's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Adapted from the novel "Mastermind" published by Atlas Productions. Reviews:
    "Stand aside Jack Reacher, Mitchell Parker is in town" - Brenda, Aussie Reads moderator, Goodread
    "Leaves the reader breathless and exhausted" - Sylvia Loaders – Sisters in Crime
    "As an action fan, Mastermind had me in it’s grip right from the first page" - Michael, Aussie Reads moderator, Goodreads