The Checklist

Creator: Helen Goltz
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
What do you do when you realize you put more thought into choosing your career than choosing your relationships? You use the criteria list that got you the dream job to get the dream man. Emily is getting serious about finding Mr. Right and she’s got the list to prove it.
Synopsis: EMILY has had a great career. If only she could say the same about her love life.

LACHLAN has always used his head in matters of love with little to show for it.

Well all that is about to change …

In a stroke of brilliance, EMILY has decided to use her head instead of her heart and apply the criteria list that landed her the dream job, to find herself the perfect man.

LACHLAN, in an attempt to prove to his sister that he can be spontaneous in love, is throwing caution to the wind to find the perfect woman.

After years of dating Mr. and Ms. Wrongs, EMILY and LACHLAN may have finally got it right!

Based on a true story.

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