The Despised

Creator: Felix Ibarra
Age rating: 17 and older
During a gun run in Mexico an outlaw motorcycle gang clashes with a violent narco cult hellbent on summoning the Aztec version of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
Synopsis: A speeding sedan swerves in and out of traffic attempting to escape some brutal bikers. THE DESPISED are a multicultural outlaw motorcycle gang led by DANNY RIVAS. As our tale of tribulation commences the Despised hunt a pair of felonious financiers who have filched from them. Upon capturing the corrupt capitalists they are heinously eradicated by the gang. Afterwards the group reconvenes at their HQ to discuss the details of a shipment of guns they plan to deliver across the border to a militia group who is waging war against local drug cartels.

They make their way to Mexico momentarily meeting JOSE ANGEL. Jose Angel is a suicidal priest whose tormented past devours his soul crippling his ability to live his life. We spend some time with Jose Angel as he goes about his daily routine of pastoral duties and attempting self annihilation. Next we meet Ana whose violent history has resulted in her becoming a vigilante who exterminates vicious villains. She traps one such fiend butchering him in a barbarous blaze.

We find the bikers completing their transaction with a meek watchdog group unaware that their deal has drawn the attention of various cartels. The Despised decompress while dining at a local restaurant when one faction of mafioso unexpectedly interrupts their evening. They have a delicate discussion while attempting to come to terms with the displeased drug dealers. While they converse, another faction commences an attack on the establishment. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! It is a madcap massacre as members from The Despised, both factions, and civilians are killed in the chaos.

As the savage scene escalates THE OREA CULT arrives. NICHOLAS OREA leads his sinful sect and is determined to summon the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in order to cause a rebirth of civilization and rebuild it as he sees fit. Upon stumbling on the scene he releases two of the already acquired abominations on the clashing criminals. The remaining members of the Despised are forced to retreat alongside Ana while mourning their loss.

The Despised and Ana seek asylum with Jose Angel. A misunderstanding causes some friction among them but, once relaxed they scrutinize spirituality and systems of belief. Slowly but surely the group realizes that they have varying motives to confront the cult leader and agree that he must be stopped at any cost therefore they track him to secret temples. It is there where evil and worse will battle for humanities privilege to persist.

The Orea's kidnap various individuals involved in the brutal bloodbath as sacrificial gifts for the impending immortals they are invoking. Orea's beliefs interweave elements from all religions and philosophies as he finds many similarities on his journey to commence Armageddon. Orea utilizes an ancient artifact that allows him to perform rituals and raise the FOUR TEZCATLIPOCAS. The artifact itself possesses the power to control these otherworldly beings although it is not certain whether it is due to a spiritual or extraterrestrial forces.

In a ferociously fast paced fight that is pure action packed adrenaline The Despised utterly eradicate the cannibalistic cult. Their heroic efforts are quelled as they are forced to contend with Orea and his terrible trio of dangerous deities. One by one the bloodthirsty gods devour the remaining members of the Despised. While attempting to conjure up the Black Tezcatlipoca, Orea is killed by Ana. Although the Orea's have been defeated, the almighty Aztec idols still pose a lethal threat to humanity. Jose Angel takes possession of Orea's artifact then selflessly sacrifices himself to stop the advancing demons. However he survives the selfless act and is forewarned by Tezcatlipoca that he will forever yearn for the sweet embrace of death as trials and tribulations are the only possible future for the human species. The horsemen leave the temple to devour the world as Ana and Jose Angel crawl out of the crumbling cave. Ana and Jose Angel are dumbfounded by the devastation around them, but soon realize that they are the only two witnesses to the impending doom. The rejuvenated duo accept their fate and follow the path of destruction left by the malevolent monsters. Therefore the end of this saga is actually the beginning of the apocalypse.

Latest Work

  • Video 1
    Creative Notes:
    This is a quick seven minute flick of the entire storyboard. This video is made solely from that available in Amazon Studios.
  • Storyboard 1 - Horror comedy, action/adventure,
    Launch storyboard
    Creative Notes:
    This is an entire full length, almost shot for shot storyboard of my screenplay "The Despised". There are numerous Easter Eggs within the story as it is an attempt to demonstrate how everything and everyone is connected. The first few scenes may make the impression that it is simply a crime comedy but the deeper into the story one goes the deeper the content becomes. It is a very fast paced story
  • Script 1 - Felix's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The Despised is an action packed mixture of comedy, horror, and mythology. On the surface it may appear to be a common crime comedy however it has very dark and profound philosophies. Some may find certain characters and plot points ludicrous but, everything is derived by real counterparts in a maniacal mosaic. I do have long term plans for surviving characters that continue into the tribulation.