The Tales of Carnigan and Yul: Disgrace Before the Pyre

Creator: Brandon C. Lay
Age rating: 17 and older
Diana, a beautiful fire-conjurer must enlist the help of two witty, foul-mouthed bowman named Carnigan and Yul to keep an unstoppable warlord, Janus Adalwolf, from exacting revenge on the land of Pancrata.
Synopsis: Carnigan and Yul wrote the book on "walking between the raindrops" with a mix of clever apathy and wide-eyed ignorance. It's not too hard when your favorite past times are flippin' the bird to authority, arguin' about food and shootin' things with your bow.

Life is perfect for them until Diana, a mysterious and beautiful fire mage, enters their lives in need of help. Carnigan is smitten, Yul's just waking up and Diana isn't telling them everything.

Turns out, she's wrapped up in a plot involving the greatest warlord anyone has ever known: Janus Adalwolf. Janus' family has been killed by bandits but it is the entire land of Pancrata that may end up paying the debt to compensate his need for revenge.

Diana can't face Janus alone but are Carnigan and Yul even worth having around for help?

Our heroes must face their own self-preservationist tendencies before they can offer anything to the world they have thus far successfully avoided. No longer can they walk between the raindrops if they greet this storm.

Full Synopsis:

Carnigan and Yul (CandY) are introduced among a group of fellow archers. While they wait for further commands they banter. Their general, Janus Adalwolf arrives and singles them out for their marksmanship and allows them to guard his wife who is in labor.

Flash forward to the present and Janus is talking to his son Tanner about his studies and is convinced to tell the son about the day the boy was born.

Back to past Janus engages another warlord, Cargul and an epic battle ensues. Upon victory Janus realizes he no longer wishes to make war. He rushes to the birthplace of his son. He is just in time to see the birth of his son.

Present, Janus and Tanner continue to converse and it is revealed Janus has been talking to the dead body of his son. The room is destroyed, as is the entire village outside.

Diana, a beautiful fire mage is searching a dead body in the destroyed village. She hears commotion and flees.

Janus sees his wife and son as if they were living. He makes love to his wife. Diana runs from the village, only to be discovered by a bandit. One of the bandits who destroyed the village. He attempts to rape her and is killed by her magical fire.

The next morning, Carnigan is reintroduced in the present. While stalking a deer he hears Diana's cries. He investigates and finds her besieged by a group of frog creatures called Pleegilee. They are a kind and playful race of creatures and Carnigan speaks their language. Carnigan and the Pleegilee make Diana believe they are more dangerous than they are, so Carnigan can flirt. He is noticeably smitten by Diana and she is not completely disinterested. As the scene progresses it becomes apparent that she is on to the game and has been playing along. Carnigan dismisses the Pleegilee and they warn him of a coming danger. When Carnigan turns to address Diana, she has vanished.

Yul is reintroduced awoken by crying. He exits his room to find a small boy. They converse and Yul's childlike, kindhearted nature is highlighted and then counterbalanced when he discovers the boy has been beaten. He kicks in the door to the boy's room in the inn to discover an abusive husband attacking the mother. Yul unmercifully and skillfully beats the man to an inch of his life. He warns him to disappear and gives all his money to the mother and her son.

The bandits are confronted by Janus and he kills several before turning the rest into a personal army of Shadeborn.

Diana goes through an epic ritual to create a magical stone slab.

Trynn the god of Chaos who has been speaking in Tanner's voice up til this point reveals himself to Janus and tells him about Diana and her efforts. The shadeborn are sent after her.

CandY are eating when the mercenary captain tells them they are late. They argue over this matter.

CandY, Captain and five other mercenaries set out for their next job. They witness a group of Stone skinned humanoids called Brushedi, which travel with two lions that are chasing after Diana. The group engage the enemy.

CandY kill most of the creatures before anyone else joins the fight because of their amazing ability with the bow. They leave one alive for the others to fight. While they approach the group, Diana and Carnigan meet in the middle and they get to know one another a little better.

The final Brushedi alludes to a dark lord.

Janus summons the spirit of Cargul to return from the dead. In this world great warriors are cast in stone after death. Cargul has become a living stone statue.

The Captain and one of the mercenaries are attempting to claim some of Carnigan and Yul's kills. They argue and decide to settle it with a fight between the biggest mercenary, Dartin and Yul. Carnigan goes looking for Diana but she has vanished once again, leaving him a wood burning of their faces with a brief slightly romantic note.

Yul beats Dartin after Carnigan milks a large bet out of the Captain.

The magic stone slab Diana created allows her to communicate with Janus and the two discuss his options for forgiveness from their goddess Nnryt. Janus doesn't trust either of them due to the death of his wife and son. Janus after being insulted gives her a final warning.

Diana talks to a little bird that is the voice of Nnryt and is told that CandY are the ones that are to help her.

CandY have left the Captain behind and travel with the other mercenaries. Diana comes back to them while they're traveling and she isn't invited back with open arms but they agree to let her travel with them. Carnigan goes to talk to Diana personally and the shadeborn arrive, calling for the her. Carnigan refuses and the groups fight. It is finally revealed that Carnigan can fight with more than just a bow.

After the fight, Dartin has been mortally wounded and it's revealed that he was part of the ruse to take the captains money. Yul is with him as he dies. Diana leaves the scene seemingly upset. Carnigan peruses her.

In the woods Diana asks Carnigan for kind words. He does his best to explain to her his awkward love at first sight feelings. When he notices she is taken in by his words he threatens her, believing she is playing him. He attempts to kiss her anyway and she reveals her forbidden fire magic to fend him off. He advances on her regardless and she is forced to either kill him or allow the kiss. They kiss. They have a softer moment between them where he get's her to tell him who is hunting her. Once she drops Janus' name Carnigan bolts.

CandY flip out and intend to flee as Janus is the greatest warrior known to the land. Carnigan is nonetheless smitten and can't bring himself to leave. After revealing the fire magic to Yul he reluctantly agrees to still allow Diana to travel with them.

Janus comes to the village where the final bandit resides and kills him in the inn, turning many inhabitants into shadeborn. He is confronted by the boy and mother Yul saved earlier and is reminded of his dead son and wife.

Flashback to the destruction of the village and the deal struck between Trynn and Janus.

At the same time Yul sings to the last surviving mercenary Andrea. It is the song: Disgrace Before the Pyre.

Janus realizes Trynn didn't bring his wife and son back to life and has been using him as a puppet all along. He threatens the god and agrees to continue his end of the bargain out of honor but in death he plans to dethrone the god.

The next morning Janus has caught up to CandY and company. The final chase and battle ensues. It takes the entire group to fight off Janus. Janus is mortally wounded but could still fight the defeated group of heroes but spares them. He instead spends his dying moments thinking of his wife singing Disgrace Before the Pyre to his own son.

Janus is set ablaze on a pyre.

Diana reveals she is to be married to a general from a different land and that her father is a powerful mage. Carnigan and Yul flip out. Once again they can't bring themselves to leave her alone.

Latest Work

  • Script 2 - Brandon's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    After filming the first table read, through discovery, the script has been amended. "Trimming the fat" is a terrible term. Fat supplies the flavor and CandY is nothing without it's flavor. Draft 2 cuts 10 pages of gristle. What you are left with is still a character driven fantasy film with intense action sequences, unique dialogue, and a story that takes it's time without ever becoming laborious.

All Work

  • Test Movie 4 - Carnigan and Yul Pitch Film 3
    Creative Notes:
    Carnigan and Yul continue their episodic pitch films for the movie The Tales of Carnigan and Yul: Disgrace Before the Pyre.
  • Test Movie 3 - Carnigan and Yul Pitch Film 2
    Creative Notes:
    Carnigan and Yul attempt to discuss their film influences for The Tales of Carnigan and Yul: Disgrace Before the Pyre
  • Test Movie 2 - Team Introduction
    Creative Notes:
    An introduction of The Tales of Carnigan and Yul: Disgrace Before the Pyre team.

    Brandon C. Lay - Writer, director (Carnigan).
    James Mason - Sound mixer, composer, (Yul and voice of Janus).
    Laura Krompasick - Still photographer, cinematographer.
    Dorian Bachman - Concept artist, storyboardist, cinematographer.
    Lauren Ickes - (Diana).
  • Test Movie 1 - Carnigan and Yul Pitch Film
    Creative Notes:
    A pitch film for The Tales of Carnigan and Yul: Disgrace Before the Pyre by Carnigan and Yul.
  • Script 1 - Brandon's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    SNATCH and THIS IS SPINAL TAP have a baby and leave it in the care of LOTR and ARMY OF DARKNESS. Add the next iconic villian worthy of Lector, The Joker or Vadar; throw a hearty helping of witty original dialogue (see 5 minute dialogue track) and you've got the recipe for this action packed, adventure/comedy set in an original fantasy world. Bonus: Strong sequel and franchise potential.