Zelonia: The Fall of Man

Age rating: 13 and older
The fall of the Zelonia Kingdom marks the fall of mankind and the rise of the wolf men. The Sanshe Kingdom is the last kingdom still in control by humans. Princess Mayla and her entourage travel to the Sanshe Kingdom to find refuge and seek to rebuild the Kingdom of Zelonia.
Synopsis: This is a mystical, romantic, and adventurous story of life, love, and betrayal.

The Kingdom of Zelonia is lost when their King has fallen to the Ferrian Clan. Princess Mayla, the last surviving member of the royal family, is accompanied by her most trusted royal guard, Commander Dominic, and her personal maid, Tamara, to seek refuge in the Kingdom of Sanshe. To ensure her safety, Mayla and her personal maid switch identities. Mayla learns to sacrifice, endure suffering, and face the trials and tribulations laid before her.

Commanders Aiden and Connor, two royal guards who were given a last command by King Lucas to safely escort the Princess, journey with Princess Mayla and protect her from the Ferrian soldiers. Commander Aiden lives with a regret, but finds love in Princess Mayla. He longs to seek a future with her, thinking that she is the royal maid.

Hunter, a mighty Ferrian warrior, continues in pursuit to stop Princess Mayla and her tiny entourage from reaching her place of refuge. He will stop at nothing to ensure his clan's sovereignty over the land.

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