Sudden Switch

Creator: Mike McCafferty
Age rating: 13 and older
A charismatic thief convinces a couple to take the wrap for a robbery he committed and serve a reduced sentence in exchange for half the take.
Synopsis: Casey and Josh Newton are passionately in love, and in horrible debt. With Josh out of work, they're about to lose their home unless a miracle happens. That miracle comes in the form of Kyle Humbolt, a thief being chased by the cops. Desperate to escape, he hides in the Newton's home as the police surround the house. At first, the couple is terrified of him, but then he makes them an interesting proposition. The state of Washington has arcane laws that provide for 90 day sentences for first time convicts of unarmed robbery. Kyle is starring at three strikes so he offers half the money (over 7 million dollars) if Josh takes the fall. Feeling that this is the only opportunity to avoid foreclosure, Josh agrees over the protests of Casey. Josh surrenders to the police.

Casey is questioned by Detectives Crick and Farnsworth about the events. Her alibi seems to hold for tonight so they let her stay at home. Casey let's Kyle out of his hiding place and he arranges for the money to be transfered to her. He's charming, but she doesn't trust him one bit.

At the police station, Josh starts to waver on the plan until Kyle sends his lawyer, Daryl, to reassure him. Casey is furious at him, but can't convince him to stop. The two start their lives separately and find it to be uncomfortable and frightening.

Casey meets up with her friend Chuck, who has been investigating Kyle for her. He finds out that none of Kyle's story holds up and he's conning the couple. They are about to blow the whistle on the whole operation when learn that Josh was attacked in prison, and it wasn't an accident. Casey has had enough and goes to tell the police everything.

The only trouble is, they don't believe her. Crick and Farnsworth find holes in her story and dismiss her as someone trying to save her husband. Casey tries to confront Daryl, but uncovers the entire plot to frame Josh, then have them both killed to erase the evidence. Casey pulls a gun on them right as detective Crick shows up. But Crick reveals that he is in on the plot as well and has been using his clout to bury the case. He shoots Casey and they leave her for dead. Luckily, she is not and they give chase acter her on the boathouse in the harbor. Casey manages to kills Daryl and Kyle and Farnsworth shows up just in time to stop Crick. They rescue josh before the convicts in jail can hurt him any more and confirm the story.

Three months later, Josh is release from jail for conspiracy charges. Casey picks him up, but neither is the person they were before. They lost their house, their jobs and their love for each other. They leave the Portland area, changed and unsure of where to go, or how they can ever live with each other.

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