Creator: Todd
Age rating: Everyone
A 12-year-old boy combines the DNA of his mom and dad's favorite pets (dog and hamster) to make an extraordinary creature in hopes of preventing his parents from getting a divorce.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: A 12-year-old science whiz named Oliver hatches a plan to introduce a new pet to his parents in the hopes that it will somehow distract them from getting a divorce. To pull his plan off, Oliver uses a new form of science called Recombinant DNA to combine of his father's favorite pet (Rugby the dog) and his mother's favorite pet (Frisby the hamster) to create DOGSTER… an entirely original family pet that both of his parents can love in order to see that they still have something in common. Although the animal starts off cute and cuddly, it eventually begins to degenerate as it grows, becoming more and more uncontrollable, terrorizing the small town (in a "Gremlins" kind of way). And soon, Dogster has forced Oliver to reach an important realization in his young life… that sometimes two of God's creatures are simply not meant to be together, and he is able to accept his parents' divorce.

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