Creator: mr d b cunnigham
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
In the mid 80s LA police arrest a dishevelled and uncombed man with broken teeth on the Pasadena highway.This man turns out to be Bobby Fischer the former World Chess champion who won in Reykjavik in 1972.How did Fischer end up this way and what happen.
to him after.
At the age of 29 Bobby Fischer becomes America's 1st world chess
champion.Hailed by many as the greatest player of all
time,and with the advertising and sponsorship world at
his feet,Fischer is set to become a multi millionaire.Yet 20
years later he is a down out hobbo living in LA's skid row.
Then Zita a young Hungarian girl comes into his life offering him
a chance for a chess come back.What happens to Fischer next
is every bit as extraordinary as his earlier rise to chess

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