Creator: Oliver Jones
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
Its the End of Earth as we know it. Derek broadcasts the 24 hour countdown on BBC1. This short Comedy Drama follows the brief existence of a failing camera operator, who finally finds work.
Synopsis: Its the Year, 2038. Not so far away from now. Fossil Fuel usage getting out of control, ozone layer is beyond repair. The Earth is well past the tipping point. Alarming levels of infra-red are being absorbed by the Earth.

Derek is 33 years old, he is a freelance cameraman. Previously working for the BBC, Derek's luck catches up to him, and is re-employed to film the 24 hour broadcast for the end of the world, courtesy of the BBC. But its the end? Wont he want to be with his family? Actually, Derek has no family. Not anymore. Turns out he has nobody, that is why he went for the job. He was a failing camera man who couldn't find work.

After a troubled personal life, and general disregard for society as a whole, Derek is ruthless, and deemed himself fit too say the final goodbye to the human race. This short film covers the life and tails of a depressed man, as Derek signs away his last 24 hours on Earth.

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