Age rating: 17 and older
In the final months of WWII, the United States races against allies and enemies alike to capture an influential, but mysterious, Nazi scientist.
Synopsis: In January, 1945, during the Battle of the Bulge, PFC Daniel Conner is seriously injured on the front lines. The Allied forces encroach upon Berlin, however intelligence reveals the Nazis have a series of "Wunderwuffen" that could drastically change the tides of war. The United States embarks on a mission to secure German intelligence before their allies get the opportunity.
After months in rehabilitation, Conner is recruited by Lieutenant Stevens and heads back to Germany. They rendezvous with the rest of their team, and are tasked with the retrieval of prominent experimental physicist, Dr. William Niles, and his work. They proceed deeper into Germany and ambush a caravan carrying a purple, mercurial fluid. They secure the substance and head toward Niles' residence. The doctor flees out the back door, gets captured, and reveals the location of his hidden work.
Dr. Niles misleads the team to a decoy location, but when he learns that his family has been murdered by the Nazis along with the other scientists, he gives up hope and finally complies with the U.S. team. They progress deeper into the Black Forest, slipping by a Russian tank column. En route to Niles' secret bunker, the team encounters notorious Nazi sniper, The Wolf. They reach the bunker, disable its defenses, and breach the door. The team files inside and is immediately met with heavy Nazi resistance.
In the ensuing chaos, Niles escapes in an attempt to reach his work first. The U.S. team splits up and begins to disintegrate in the subterranean metallic labyrinth. Conner stands-off against a familiar face to determine the fate of their lives and the future of the world.

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